San Diego JD Robin Roth rocks the Casbah.Photo Casbah FB page The iconic San Diego live music club the Casbah is back open after being closed an entire year due to COVID-19.That’s the good news.The not-so-good is that it won’t have any live music until at least this summer.Instead, it will have a DJ and San Diego’s famous taco stand ¡Salud!The club is really becoming more like a restaurant, with the tacos being served o Casbah’s patio and in Razzmatazz Room in the back.There will be no cover charge but a $6 minimum on the tacos, which is not a problem for the fans of ¡Salud!, of which there are many in San Diego.Currently it is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 5-10 p.m., per state guidelines.


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