When selecting the perfect vacation spot, ironing-out finicky details is an essential first step. Deciding who tags along, how much money you can blow, and must-do activities is key to planning the perfect getaway. If you find yourself craving a low-key, mega-relaxing trip free from worry and stress, consider a 420-friendly spot for maximum leisure. When used responsibly, cannabis has stress-relieving qualities that release built-up tensions and ease overwhelmed minds, making it the perfect substance for avid vacationers. Make the most of your Mary-Jane-friendly vacation by knowing which strain to buy before take-off, planning activities within walking distance, renting a weed-friendly AirBnB, and reading up on local laws to avoid potential legal fees and jail time. After returning home from your fun-filled 420-friendly destination, stock up on cannabis essentials at MJ Arsenal and turn your once-in-a-lifetime trip into a long-term stay-cation. Portland, Oregon If you’re looking for an artisan

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