How To Watch Us Live!

Our regularly scheduled live episodes are broadcast every Tues / Thurs at 1:30pm PT. Check out our schedule of upcoming episodes and where to find us online

Sponsors, Guests & Musicians!

We're always looking for interesting new guests, musical talent, and of course sponsors to provide money as well as products. Here's how you can join us on air!

Media Kit

Members of the media looking to learn more about our live streams can contact or click here for our online media kit.

How To Tune In Live!

The #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour is broadcast live every Tuesday/Thursday at 1:30pm PT on #MenWhoBlogPubClub, and ManTripping Facebook pages, as well as @MenWhoBlog Twitter, and MenWhoBlog YouTube.

However, the best place to visit us and watch our shows is right here as this past show archives and information on upcoming shows as well as the live YouTube stream when we're on air!

We also hold special "Premium Tasting" events periodically, so make sure that you are subscribed to our News, Events and Giveaways Newsletter so you can stay up to date, or check out our calendar below ...


Upcoming Live Shows!

5/19 at 1:30pm PT - San Diego Craft Beer featuring AleSmith Hazy .394 IPA (Virtual Happy Hour)

5/20 at 6:30pm PT - Belfour Whiskey Tasting (Premium Tasting)

5/21 at 1:30pm PT - Memorial Day Grilling and Cocktails (Virtual Happy Hour)

5/26 at 1:30pm PT - St. Augustine Florida (Virtual Happy Hour)

6/2 at 1:30pm PT - Why We Love Baja! (Virtual Happy Hour)

6/3 at 6:30pm PT - Rancho Guejito Vineyard Wine Tasting (Premium Tasting)


Additionally, you can join Tom from live on the #MenWhoBlog Facebook and Twitter every night at 5pm PT featuring a different whiskey-related guest 7-days per week!


Become a Guest, Featured Musician, or Brand Sponsor!

If you are interested in joining us as a Guest, Featured Musician, a Brand Sponsor, or having us feature your destination then please visit this form and let us know why you would be an awesome addition to the show!


Favorite #MenWhoBlog Live Episodes From Our Past!

The following are highlighted episodes of #MenWhoBlog Live Stream shows that include our Tuesday/Thursday "Virtual Happy Hour" and "Premium Tasting" episodes as well.
Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey and Rye Whiskey Tasting 17 May 2020
Cocktails To Celebrate National Gin Tonic Day 09 April 2020
How To Taste Rum And Impress Your Friends 17 May 2020
Introduction to Cannabis Cocktails 16 April 2020
Old Camp Spring Sparkler Champagne and Whiskey Cocktail 23 April 2020
Tasting Mezcal and Exploring Agave Spirits 18 May 2020

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