One of our favorite - if not a bit corny Valentine's Day traditions is celebrating your love for someone special at White Castle. Despite COVID, love is still in the air at White Castle! COVID-19 might have prevented the family-owned fast-food hamburger chain from offering indoor dining the past year, but it won't stop them from providing a unique dining experience on Valentine's Day. In fact, we think that this year's "Drive-In" Valentine's Day experience might even be their most romantic iteration of the tradition yet.

Who could use a pick-me-up right now with warm fluffy waffles drenched in butter and syrup? Yeah ... me too. Plus, did you know you can order breakfast all day? Here in San Diego there are even locations that are open for delivery till 3am!

The chicken sandwich wars continue to accelerate with KFC now introducing a competitor that frankly sounds like a winner. The new KFC Chicken Sandwich is available in select markets starting today and will be available seven days a week in all 4,000 KFC restaurants in the U.S. by the end of February. Let's take a deeper look!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing back feelings of nostalgia this holiday season with the re-release of some of its most famous holiday buckets. Since the 1960s, KFCs around the world have created different holiday-themed buckets year after year.

I know for me personally, we're going to continue our practice of being as safe as possible and avoid any unnecessary contact. That's why our house is planning to both avoid any unnecessary contact with dining out or visiting with friends and family members this season. Apparently, my wife and I aren't alone as 63% of people in their survey are opting out of in-person holiday parties with 36% choosing to celebrate virtually instead.

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