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cosmetic surgery for men from liposuction to hair and teeth

Once upon a time, it was women who were best known for having any kind of cosmetic enhancements. Whether that was actually having a procedure and going under the knife, or making smaller, less invasive changes to their appearance, the idea that a man would do the same was almost unheard of. Today things are different, and men are just as likely to decide to make some changes to their looks as women are. Why is this? What are the reasons for men to have cosmetic enhancements? Read on to find out. 

Because You Want To

Sometimes there's no reason needed other than simply wanting to. While some men may choose to do a cosmetic procedure to compensate for an imperfection or reduce aging, sometimes it is as basic as wanting to try something new. As more cosmetic surgery practices begin to work with male clients, the number of procedures catering to our gender will only continue to increase.  

In 2019, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men - a whopping 29% increase since 2000!

Already, men represent 10-15% of common skin treatments such as chemical peels, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, and microderm abrasion. Whole this is a small percentage of the market, it is growing quickly. On the other hand, procedures such as hair transplants represented nearly 7,000 male procedures in 2020, or 69% of the overall treatments that year.

In fact, cosmetic procedures are now even considered a common Father's Day request as younger men in their 30's and 40's seek a "Daddy-Do-Over".

Much in the same way women choose to get cosmetic procedures done to help them feel better and look better, so can men too. If you feel the need to get any work done to make yourself feel better, then why not. 

What Men Should Consider Before Having Cosmetic Surgery

While there are many cosmetic procedures that represent an easy and cheap way to look better and feel great, it is still important to take a moment to think about the situation before contacting a doctor to inquire about the procedure. Let's take a look at some things you need to think about ...

Identifying the Motivation

Understanding the underlying motivation for seeking cosmetic surgery is crucial. Whether it's to enhance appearance, boost self-confidence, or correct a physical issue, being clear about the reasons can guide the decision-making process. It's essential to ensure that the expectations are realistic and that the surgery aligns with personal values and goals.

Researching the Procedure

Thorough research about the specific procedure is vital. This includes understanding what the surgery entails, the techniques used, potential risks, recovery time, and expected outcomes. Knowledge about the procedure helps in making an informed decision and preparing mentally and physically for the surgery.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Selecting a qualified and experienced surgeon is one of the most critical aspects. Look for a surgeon who is board-certified, has a strong track record in the specific procedure, and is willing to answer questions and provide references. Visiting multiple surgeons and having consultations can help in making the right choice.

Considering the Costs

Cosmetic surgery can be expensive, and it's often not covered by insurance. Understanding the full cost, including surgery fees, anesthesia, facility costs, follow-up care, and potential additional expenses for complications or revisions, is essential. Planning the finances and considering various payment options can alleviate financial stress.

Assessing the Risks and Complications

Every surgical procedure comes with risks and potential complications. Discussing these with the surgeon and understanding how they apply to the individual's specific situation is vital. This includes potential side effects, complications, and the likelihood of needing additional surgeries.

Preparing for Recovery

Recovery time varies depending on the procedure. Understanding the recovery process, including the time needed off work, physical restrictions, and post-operative care, helps in planning life around the surgery. Having a support system in place and preparing the living space for a comfortable recovery is also essential.

Psychological Considerations

Cosmetic surgery can have a significant impact on mental well-being. Considering the psychological aspects, including how the change in appearance might affect self-image and relationships with others, is crucial. Seeking professional counseling or support groups can be beneficial in navigating these emotional aspects.

Cosmetic surgery is a personal and complex decision that requires a multifaceted approach. By considering the motivation, researching the procedure, choosing the right surgeon, understanding the costs, assessing the risks, preparing for recovery, and acknowledging the psychological aspects, an individual can make a well-informed decision that aligns with his unique needs and desires. It's always advisable to approach this decision with caution, diligence, and the guidance of medical professionals.


Reduce The Signs Of Aging 

Everyone wants to stay young, and for some, the idea of aging can be a difficult one to deal with. It can even lead to depression in some people, and can certainly add stress to someone’s life. This can happen to both men and women, and since there are cosmetic procedures that can be done to slow or even undo the signs of aging, from heavy lines to sagging jowls and more, many men are taking advantage of the fact. 

The procedures carried out can be entirely non-invasive if preferred, and dermal fillers and Botox are both great options for reducing the signs of aging. Add some hair dye to this and you will immediately look a lot younger. 


Increased Confidence 

Men can suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence just the same as women can, and for some getting some kind of cosmetic procedure is just what they need to boost their confidence; remember, if you feel good you will look good and if you look good you will feel good, so it really can make all the difference. 

Using aligners to get your teeth straightened, having a hair transplant to reduce the look of balding and hair loss, or perhaps removing a ‘beer belly’ to help you feel better about how you look can all increase your confidence. 

When you have more self-confidence you will be more successful on dates, in job interviews, and in any situation in which you need to interact with others or request something for yourself. If a few small cosmetic changes are what will bring that confidence out, so be it. You’ll feel much better for it. 


Cosmetic Surgery Has Become More Affordable 

When cosmetic procedures were first introduced, they were only for the very wealthy; ‘normal’ people just couldn’t afford them and would never be able to justify the cost if it wasn’t for medical reasons. Today this has changed. Cosmetic procedures are much more affordable and are actually even better than they would have been in the past thanks to newer technology. 

The fact that more men are having cosmetic procedures today might simply be because they can now afford them; they’ve always wanted them but the past prices were off-putting. 

Whatever the reason, whatever kind of procedure you might be interested in, make sure you speak to professionals to get all the facts before you begin, and in that way, you can be confident you’re making the right choice.


It's Become Safer, Cheaper, and More Easy To Do!

Finally, another reason why cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular among men is that it is simply safer and more accessible. Procedures that in the past may have required lengthy hospital stays or complicated medical intervention can now be performed in an outpatient setting.

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