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what to know before buying a sports car like this

You’ve always thought about getting your hands on a sports car, but you’re not entirely sure if you should do it. They seem amazing, but are they actually worth buying? Before you jump headfirst into a decision, here are some things to know about owning a sports car:

They cost a lot of money (to buy and run)

Sports cars always seem to cost a lot of money, and you might wonder if this is justified or not. Are they overpriced because of how cool and coveted they are? No, they’re expensive because they’re technologically advanced machines! The technology needed to make a car go really fast and still provide a decent ride is pretty impressive. Not to mention the engines required, which will be absolute beasts that cost a lot to make. So, it all adds up to a car that’s bound to cost a fortune. 

But wait, sports cars also cost a lot to run. They’re not very economical - unless you buy an electric one. This means they’ll need to be filled up frequently, leading to a large petrol bill. Additionally, if your car gets damaged, finding replacement parts for sports cars can be harder than finding them for other cars. This is because they’re more unique, so it can cost more to repair the vehicle. 

They’re Not As Safe As Normal Cars

By normal cars, we’re referring to all the typical family cars you see on the market today. From superminis to saloons, these cars are all within a certain price range and don’t have any specific features that set them apart from one another. They’re all designed to provide comfortable and safe rides, with ample space inside for everyone. A sports car, on the other hand, is different. Because of the way they’re built, they tend to be less safe than the average car. Put it this way, you will almost certainly put in a claim for injuries occurring in a car crash if you get into an accident in your sports car. With a regular car, you might escape with some minor bruising!

Why is this the case? Typically, sports cars are built to be aerodynamic and fast, meaning they’re constructed in a certain way, usually with lightweight materials. They’re made as safe as they can be, but the fact is that there’s less of them to protect you when you crash. Of course, the solution to this is to not crash the car! But, it’s more to do with if other people crash into you; you’re less safe in a sports car, so keep that in mind. 

They’re...interesting To Drive

Sports cars offer a driving experience that’s completely different from anything you’ve experienced. The ability to go fast makes the driving experience incredibly enthralling. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it also means you have to pay more attention to the car to keep it under control. Not only that, but some sports cars come with unique transmissions. Instead of using a gearstick, they have panels by the steering wheel - like a race car. So, adjusting to this can be a big shock to your muscle memory. 

For some, the driving experience of a sports car is enough to justify the price and the decreased safety. For others, this can stop you from getting a car as it’s simply too challenging for you to drive. It can feel like you have to re-learn how to drive or else you don’t feel safe in the vehicle. 


They Might Not Be Very Convenient Of Practical

These days, you can buy some sports cars that come with added conveniences. A few offerings from the likes of Audi, BMW, or Mercedes will give you sports car specs with home comforts - like trunk space and extra seats in the back. 

Nevertheless, most sports cars don’t offer the convenience you come to expect in a car. You’ll struggle to drive them around a city, and you might wish you had something else when you attempt to go grocery shopping in your sports car. 

Overall, you should probably think twice before buying one of these cars. Sure, they look and sound cool as hell - and they’re amazing to drive. But, does it make sense for you to get one? If you want a car to drive on weekends for fun, then go for it. If you want a vehicle to replace the current one that you drive to work every day, this probably isn’t a good option for you. It may seem boring, but picking a more normal car will be more convenient.

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