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What A Grown Man Needs In His Medicine Cabinet

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When we tend to think about the collections every man should consider curating, we tend to think of fashion, or perhaps more practical utilities like a car survival kit, or perhaps something related to a hobby, like a fisherman’s pack.

Yet it’s also a good idea to consider the smaller elements of preparation that make the biggest difference in the long run - for instance, what do you keep on your bedside table? 

In this post, we’ll discuss how every man should cultivate his bathroom (or negotiate bathroom storage with his partner), so that every provision is accounted for. When it comes to self-care, grooming, and storing sensitive items within your home, the bathroom is a suitable place for all of that and more.

Curating a worthwhile space in your bathroom cabinet, be that behind the mirror, knowing that such provisions are accounted for will be a good use of your time.


First Aid And Medical Emergency Supplies

It’s easy to forget about bringing a first aid kit into your home, until you need one of course. It’s best to be prepared, especially if you have children because you never know just what injuries or difficulties can occur without your prior planning. 

A first aid kit can help you stem bleeding if it occurs with bandages, clean wounds if they’re present, or apply burn creams if needed. While they may not be able to solve a more serious malady, they can certainly do a great deal of good while you seek further medical attention. For the potential value they bring, the cost of a first aid kit, or even multiple throughout the home, is utterly negligible. 


Topical Ointments & Treatments For Skin 

It’s never nice having to treat a skin condition or to manage the aftereffects of a difficulty, but you’ll be surprised how a careful and proactive approach will make a difference.

Topical treatments, especially properly-sourced treatments from retailers like Good Aussie Stuff, can help you ensure everything is accounted for in your bathroom cabinet and the most essential treatments are present as a result. This can potentially help soothe issues causing you distress, especially as you get older over the years.


Worthwhile Shaving Gear

No matter how you prefer to wear your beard (or not at all), it’s true to say that no matter how follically challenged you may have become scalp-wise (don’t worry, this is natural and normal), most men have some form of beard growth, however slow.

So, making sure your shaving solutions are well-primed is a good idea. With a great beard trimmer, some good shaving cream and an application brush, beard oil, or even more ‘authentic’ tools like a straight razor for the closest shave, you can make certain that each morning your facial hair has been properly attended to in the most hygienic manner.
You may even pair this with some worthwhile after-shave to make sure you smell great and your skin is treated.

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