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vape tanks leak

No one's a fan of saying goodbye to their favorite vape pen, but sometimes a replacement can be dire if your tank is leaking. One of the critical signs that your vape device has run its course is experiencing leakage from the tank, coil, or cartridge.

That isn't just the e-liquid's fault. Sometimes you can shorten your time with your vape if you don't assemble it correctly.

Vape devices might be the healthier alternative, but they're not as easy to figure out. Many parts make your vaping experience excellent, and we can consider the tank the most important. It contains the flavor and strength and holds your favorite e-juice, which means nothing's worse than seeing it leak!

If you're a newbie at vaping or want some extra helpful tips on stopping your vape tank from leaking, continue reading our detailed guide below!


Why is My Vape Tank Leaking?

One of the main reasons a vape tank is leaking could be its expiration date. However, other factors can also influence its slow demise. Sometimes the users themselves can be the main reason their vape tank is leaking their favorite e-juice.

The bad part isn't just about the leaking, less-functioning tank, but the e-liquid that could make a bigger mess, especially if you're in an outdoor setting. Luckily, a leaking tank doesn't always have to signify that you need to replace it, but with a few tweaks and turns, you can make it sound as new!

Next time you notice even a tiny leak, check on the screws and whether you've tightened them. It's also important not to over-tighten your vape pen, as that could lead to other troubles. We can blame other issues on the coil, e-liquids, o-rings, damage, the intensity of inhalation, etc.


Ways To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

You might have just bought your new vape device and would do anything to prolong your time with it. For this, you'll need to follow some rules carefully. Vaping is an experience like no other, and it's nowhere similar to smoking cigarettes.

Since vapes are technological devices, they can fall victim to outside elements, environment, and overuse.

To avoid one of the most common issues that vape devices often have, like tank leaking, follow these rules:

  • Make sure all parts are screwed correctly;
  • Fill up the tank;
  • Tight but not too tight;
  • Check for suitable coils for the chosen e-liquid;
  • Ensure there's no damage or cracks;
  • Change the way you inhale.

Making Sure All Parts Are Screwed Correctly

You might consider this one a bit more obvious, but when you disassemble your vape device, you have to assemble it once again the same way it was before. The task is pretty tricky, so make sure to take your time while looking for any loose screws.

It's also important not to rush and inspect the sides of your vape, as it could lead to an even greater mess. Search if all parts are attached to where they should be and screw things back together, but not too tight.


Fill Up the Tank Properly

Filling your tank with just the right amount of e-liquid can double your time with it. The tank's tube is the most crucial part of your vape; if you overflow it with liquid, it can easily leak.

The tube is located from the coil to the mouthpiece, and overfilling can also cause the well-known gurgling sign. When filling your tank, watch out not to overflow and leak to the central tube.

Tilt your tank to the side at a 45-degree angle, as you would with beer, to ensure you don't overfill. Once you fill it, straighten it up to avoid spilling. If you overflow the tank, you'll need to grab a tissue and blow the excess liquid out of the bottom, or you can flick it.


Tight but Not Too Tight

The issue with over-tightening your vape device is that you can damage your o-rings. The o-rings are tiny rubber rings that hold specific vape components together, located at the end parts of your tank. With them, you reduce the chances of leaking and need to seal them tight, but not too much.

Usually, if you overtighten these ring-helpers, it can lead to small splits, which can cause the e-liquid to escape. When screwing these rings back into place, don't overuse force, and make sure they sit comfortably at opposite sides of your tank.


Check if Coils are Right for E-liquid

Some coils burn at higher temperatures than others, and you often might not have the appropriate e-liquid for your vape's coil. They all have varying resistances, and some try to imitate tobacco, while others emphasize the flavor.

Many coils burn PG liquids that are thinner and offer higher temperatures. So, placing a liquid high on VG in your vape device might lead to some problems. If the coil doesn't vaporize the liquid properly, it can leak.


Ensure There's No Crack

You might have accidentally pressed your vape device, which could lead it to break or crack in areas where you least want it. Don't check the o-rings immediately, as there could be a small crack responsible for your e-liquid dripping. Inspect the glass of your tank for damage, and don't worry if it's a little cracked, so long as it's not causing you any trouble.


Change the Way You Inhale

Don't inhale way too sharply when you take a whiff of your e-cigarette, as you might be pulling faster than the coil can vaporize. You should vape slowly to get the most of your vapor.

The vapor comes from the time your coil vaporizes the liquid. And the slower the vaping, the better the taste and potency. If you're too fast, you can end up sucking juice through the tube, which could lead to a bad taste in your mouth. Take long puffs with slow inhales.


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