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tools for a new home owner

Buying your first home is quite an accomplishment. Once the initial joy of having a place that is uniquely yours to do what you want, when, where and how ... the reality of having to focus on upkeep starts to come into play. Don't worry though, for most guys this is a fun opportunity and excuse to go shopping at the local hardware store and pick up some cool tools. Even better is when older guys in your circle gift some of their older - but still functional items to you so they can get the newer and fancier stuff that they want. Either way, stocking up on the right tools for the right job is a big responsibility.

Here are some important categories of tools that you'll want to be thinking about.

Typically, being organized can make the job a lot easier. Ultimately, there's a lot to check when it comes to your family safety and home budget, such as:

  • Preventing fire incidents by ensuring smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition
  • Preventing heat loss and leaks through roof, windows, gutters, and pipes inspection
  • Keeping your garden safe with trimming
  • Saving space and preventing pests through decluttering
  • Keeping your appliances fixed and updated

Yet, if you are still in the process of planning your annual maintenance checks, here are the essential tools you need to make it more productive! 


Emergency Repairs And DIY Tools

Hammers, nails, screws, paintbrushes, paint, etc., these are some of the essential tools you need to keep in your workshop. Being equipped ensures you can fix minor issues as you spot them. Otherwise, you could be spending unnecessary money to bring a contractor on-site. In other words, if you want to make your maintenance checks effective, you should make sure your local hardware store has everything you need. Places such as Granite Falls Hardware, which have been long established in their communities, are a treasure chest for DIY enthusiasts. And you could even learn a few DIY tips by talking to the owners!

Safety Best Practices And Ladders

You may be thinking that you only need a ladder to get your gutter cleaned. But in reality, you need to make sure you follow all the safety rules to protect yourself and your family. According to a study, the majority of ladder accidents happen at home and could be preventable through basic safety practices. So don't put yourself at risk unnecessarily! 

Make sure you've got the right ladder for the job. Additionally, it's worth working with someone who can hold the ladder or the tools for you. 


Yeah yeah ... you have YouTube and TikTok influencers to guide you on your journey to fixing stuff but nothing compares to being able to open a book that has all of the common home fix-it tasks listed. 


Set Reminders To Help You Plan Maintenance And Annual Tasks

Google Calendar is completely free, and it's going to soon become your best ally when it comes to maintenance tasks. Indeed, you can use Google Calendar to set tasks and reminders, so you can keep everything on track. You can easily display reminders in the mobile app or even on the computer by selecting the option in the menu. 

So, how can you use reminders? The options are infinite:

  • Set reminders for trees and bushes trimming and other landscaping tasks
  • Use the task option to schedule date-sensitive checks such as smoke detectors
  • You can book ahead and schedule contractor appointments as specialist companies can handle dangerous tasks on your behalf, such as roof checks
  • Set reminders to check your tools before the spring maintenance tasks — this gives you plenty of time to upgrade your equipment if necessary
  • Share the reminders with the rest of your family
  • Use reminders to keep track of your appliances' age — an old boiler, even if it still works, may need replacing to save costs in the long term
  • Etc. 


Hopefully, this brief list of tips can help you get ahead of your spring maintenance duties more peacefully. Remember: Being prepared is half the battle! 

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