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how to place a successful bet on football

While many states now allow sports betting, what many American men don't realize is that they can also place wagers on many sporting events overseas as well. This should come as welcome news to many American fans of what the rest of the world calls "football" since this is one way to make soccer a bit more exciting. However, if you are new to betting on football, chances are that you may need help knowing where to start. Successful football betting isn't as reliant on luck as you might think. If you are ready to learn tips for a successful football bet and understand a little bit more about football betting in general, then read on.

No matter what you call it - soccer or football - the game is absolutely more fun when there's money and pride riding on the experience. While that raises the stakes, it also means a novice is at a severe disadvantage compared to an experienced fan who knows all the correct terminology. Let's take a look at what you need to know to understand how to successfully bet on football matches.

What Bets Do You Need To Know About?

 If you understand football, then you have the basics set. Next you need to know some terms and types of bets that you can make.

Match Result

A straightforward bet on the outcome of the match. You place a bet on who you think will win the game. You might have options like a home win, away win, or draw too.

Double chance

This type of bet allows you to cover two potential outcomes. You could, for example, bet on Sheffield to win and bet on a draw for the same match. A key thing to know here is that you are getting worse odds since you are lowering your chance of losing. 

Draw no bet

Here you will be picking a winner for home or away; you are refunded if they draw.

Correct score betting

Not only do you need to choose who will win, but you need to have the exact amount of goals scored. You're going to get better odds here than some other bets, because it's harder to get correct.

Asian handicap

A handicap bet is where you remove the possibility of a draw in the match; this reduces the match to two possible outcomes. You can use a half goal and a whole goal to do this.

Goalscorer markets

This bet is simply on who will score the goal. You can also place a bet on who scores the first goal, the last goal, or anytime (however placing a bet on anytime naturally reduces the pay-out, due to the lower risk).


For this bet, you will predict the goal scorers and the correct score. You do need to have both elements of your bet correct to win.


Both teams to score is more straightforward than predicting who will win and how many that will score. With BTTS, you are more likely to get a payout.

Over and under goals

You bet on under or over a certain amount of goals. Your bet is live for the whole game, as a goal can be scored any time.

Over and under corners

This is just like the bet above, except instead of goals, you are betting on corners.

Over or undercards

There may be a points system where yellow is worth less than red. Or you may simply choose the number of cars.

Half time/full time

For this type of bet, you are predicting the outcome at half time and/or full time. You could have one team for half time and the other for full time./p>

Player specials and other specials

You can pick a player that will have a red card, one that will move to a different club, or pretty much anything. Other specials include things like how many shots will be on target, how many penalties will be missed, and who will score in the 87th minute. You may also be able to place bespoke bets with different establishments.


These can pay off a huge amount. You will choose multiple games; the more you choose, the bigger your win (if it all goes in your favor). Anyone can win from accumulator bets, which is what makes them so attractive. For examples, a woman once won £574,278 off a £1 bet, with no real knowledge of football. However, she was an anomaly and it pays to have real knowledge of football when it comes to betting.


Why Research Matters With Football Bets

You need to understand as much as possible about the clubs in play, their past performances, and how the odds are made. The more information you have, the more likely it is that you will make a bet based on facts rather than a guess. 

For example, if your favorite club's new signing has scored in the first 45 minutes of every game, there is a good chance they will do it again. This is a bet based on research and past performance. If a volatile player seems to get a red card in high-stakes matches, you could place a bet they will get one in the next big match. If you’re considering placing a bet, check the football tips today, provided by experts to give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

Learn to love the underdog. Some of the most significant returns on your bet will be from the underdogs. It pays to put research time here. 

Betting on the underdog will usually give you high odds, but you can still make the most of:

  • Checking that there is live betting
  • Research the underdog's past performance and the performance of the other team
  • Bet quickly because live betting markets can change in a heartbeat

Use Free Bets

Free bets are one of the best easy to familiarize yourself with the system. You can test out multiple different bet types, understand how the odds work and what impacts them. Aside from being able to learn using free bets, you know that there is no risk involved. 

Leave Emotion At The Door

It can be all too easy to get emotionally invested in the bets you are making. But that can be one of the quickest ways to end up making bets that aren't smart.

While you might believe wholeheartedly that your small hometown club will win the Champions League, the chances are they won't. 

It would be an emotional bet placed, money lost, and a prime example of why research and knowledge are the way to get the most from your bets.


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