Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

door in your new home needs to be rekeyed

So, you’ve decided to join the exclusive club of home buyers. A brilliant choice - everyone should try to get on the property ladder at some point.

Whether this is your first home or the latest in a long line of homes you’ve owned, there are certain things you should do before moving into the property. 


To be clear, these things are done after you have officially bought the house. It belongs to you, meaning you conducted all the necessary checks beforehand. At this point, you’ve already done some surveys and quality checks to ensure the home is in excellent condition and is worth buying. Now, you’ve got all of your belongings packed and ready to move. Before you make this house a home, here are four extra things to do: 


Change The Locks

Don’t move into a new home until you have changed the locks on all the doors and windows. This is purely a security measure that ensures you are moving into a safe place. Old locks mean someone else can have access to your home with some old keys. Previous owners might be unlikely to do this, but what if they have family or friends that also have a set of keys? What if one day someone comes to your house and opens the front door expecting to see their old friend at home? 

You can’t take the risk, regardless of how likely it is to happen. This is also a good time to change any doors or windows that look a bit worn and battered. 


Upgrade The Security System

When buying a home, there are certain elements you can ignore. The security system is one of them as it doesn’t really play a role in determining if you should buy a house. Most old homes have outdated systems that no longer work - in fact, your new house may not have an active alarm at all. 

Consequently, for the sake of safety, you should upgrade the system before moving in. These days, there are lots of great home security systems that come pre-packaged, or you can put a DIY one together. Either way, upgrade your home with a new system to make it more secure. Check that the alarms work, and now you are one step closer to moving into your new home. 


Clear The House

Hopefully, the previous owners will clear the house for you. However, this isn’t technically a requirement. They could leave some larger items of furniture that they no longer need. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes, you might have lots of stuff left over, but it depends on how you have acquired the home. If you bought your home through an auction, it is likely to still be fairly well furnished. 

While you could keep this stuff, it feels weird to use other people’s items. Instead, you need to clear the house and leave it completely bare. This is also an opportunity to clean the home thoroughly - perhaps hire a cleaning crew to do this for you, while you focus on preparing for the move. The end goal is to have a house that has absolutely nothing in it, meaning it is ready for the final step before moving in. 


Redecorate Your New Home

With a completely blank slate, you can now begin redecorating your home. Peel away any old wallpaper, rip up old floorboards, and make this house look like the home of your dreams. You could do some small home improvements as well - it’s entirely up to you. 

Doing this before moving in is a very smart decision. Why? Because it makes your life so much easier. Redecorating after all of your stuff is in the home means you have to work around all of it. It means moving things out of the way, protecting your belongings from any paint, and so on. If nothing currently exists on the property, there are no risks. You can work a lot faster too, so the redecorating process is over in no time. After finishing, you are now in the best position imaginable; there’s a gorgeous newly decorated house that’s ready for you to move into! 

Understandably, you want to move into a new house as quickly as possible. However, taking some extra time to prepare your home is highly recommended. The steps above will help you move into a property that is more secure and ready to become your home. It will be much easier for you and your family to transition to this new place because you don’t have to move in and spend weeks getting everything ready!

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