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bachelor pad must have elements

There's a lot of clichés still flying around about the bachelor in their early to mid-20s.

Of course, for those guys who are living alone for the first time, it can feel like you are being let off the leash, and you could do whatever you want. But also, living under your parents’ roof means that you've got to live by their rules. And this means if you are one of the modern men who are a bit more alternative and health-conscious, your bachelor pad could look slightly different from the traditional mini-refrigerator full of beer and gaming system setup. So what can the modern alternative bachelor pad benefit from?

Robotic Massage Chair

Years ago it might have been enough to simply have  chair with rollers in the back or maybe one that vibrated to massage your tired muscles. Today's massage chairs have gone to the next level with nearly full body care from legs and feet to the head and neck. With features ranging from rollers and vibrating pads as well as hot and cold temperature control as well as even being able to massage you through sound waves eminating from transducers, this is something that every modern bachelor pad needs.

A Home Gym

Before you get the movers to bring all of your worldly possessions in, you've got to find the ideal place for your home gym. The modern gym doesn't need to consist of weights or many items at all! It's important to get out and run, but there are many great devices and ways to get a workout for less than the cost of a gym membership. While there are products like the X3 Bar, which are resistance bands, a platform, and a bar, you can take this idea, and incorporate variable resistance training into other aspects of your home environment. If you are someone who has heard a lot about isometrics, it doesn't take much to do a lot of amazing workouts, just as long as you have a sturdy pull-up bar installed, or even one that goes above the door. You won't need to go to the gym ever again, because it's right there at home! 

A Meditation Station

You might not necessarily like the idea of meditating, but it's so important to have peace and quiet and the opportunities to unwind, especially if you plan on having a lot of parties or intend on hitting the town nightly! The importance of a meditation space cannot be underestimated. It needs to be away from your bedroom, and it needs to be a corner that is for the purpose of unwinding, which means that you may want to incorporate joss sticks or incense, as well as comfortable cushions, rugs, as well as a solid sound system that plays relaxing music, for example, Buddhist chants. You can also invest in mind machines if you struggle to keep focus. These simple devices are great to put you into a relaxed state.

A Wealth of Information

Yes, you have the world at your fingertips on your smartphone, but there is something about having literature in the palm of your hand that can help you to elevate yourself above the traditional bachelor or guy in their early 20s. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to start a new life for yourself by arming yourself with the relevant information. There is an amazing collection of books out there for self-development. And you can buy all of them, but the trick is to start off with a couple of essentials. For example, The 48 Laws of Power is one that could help you move up the career ladder, and anything by Tony Robbins is always going to help you take a look at who you are. 

The alternative bachelor pad is certainly something that can take a lot of getting used to, but if you want to make a head start in the modern world, you could start here.

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