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Sports To Get Your Aggression Out This Summer

sports to get your aggression out

Are you bored of the same old sports that your friends discuss or that get shown constantly on television? Maybe you want to take part in a sport or try something new but the mainstream just doesn't appeal. If you're in this camp you should consider the alternative sports on the list below. Don't feel boxed in by convention, there is something here for everyone. Luckily, quarantine is almost over and that means there's more opportunity to get out and compete once again!

Roller Derby 

Roller Derby has become a popular sport in recent years as it combines contact elements, excitement, and fitness. Roller Derby can also be played at any time of the year making it the ideal winter sports when the fires outside are muddy. 

So how is it played? Usually there are two teams of five skaters. Each team designates a 'jammer’ and four blockers. The jammers score points for their team by lapping the other jammer. The blockers of both teams work together to prevent this from happening.


Do you love adrenaline, the thrill of the chase, and the skill of a good aim? If so, paintballing could be the ideal alternative sport to try this summer. Paintballing takes the best elements of your favorite war focused video games and recreates it in real life – safely of course. 

Usually set in a field, forest, or waste ground, paintballing involves two sets of teams with Empire Mini GS guns. The objective of the battle is to retrieve a meaningful flag from an outpost without getting shot, or eliminate all opponents by shooting them with paint filled gelatin capsules.

Axe Throwing 

Yup, that's right ... think of bowling but instead of rolling a 6-16 pound ball down the lane you are throwing an axe at high speed towards a target. Don't worry though, as aggressive as axe throwing can be, there's still plenty of time between turns to enjoy a beer and throw shade at your friends.


Everyone has heard of archery. It's that activity from long ago that usually turns up in movies from time to time. But how many people would consider trying it out as an alternative sport? This activity requires skill and accuracy. 

If you want to try the modern sport of archery this summer the best way is to find a local club or association and book a beginners lesson. There are several techniques to master and bows to choose from, so be prepared to learn some new things. 

Assault Courses 

Assault courses take many forms in the world today, but they all have one thing in common – the assault part. Assault courses are designed to be tough on the body and mind, which makes them an appealing prospect for most interested individuals. The concept is based on military training obstacle courses but you'll often find that Assault Courses are even more extreme than anything you might find in basic training.

Assault courses combine the aspects of competition, fitness, and surprise to deliver an experience you won't forget. You will also have to train for an assault course which makes you stronger and fitter. This is one summer sporting activity you don't want to miss out on.

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