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Some people make cars last for ten or more years but, for others, replacements roll around every couple of years. It can seem like a harsh deal, especially when you think of the cash you’re wasting, and the chances are that you’re tired of your quest for ‘the right car’ with which to form a long-lasting relationship. But, have you ever considered that you might be the problem? 

The simple fact is that careful drivers can buy used cars and get years of happy use out of them, but you buy brand new models and still fail to get their maximum performance. It’s a worrying and expensive trend that you need to change, and working past your denial is the first step on that journey. After all, there’s one common denominator in all these vehicle setbacks, and that’s you.

To further prove that point, we’re going to look at three pressing signs that it’s you, not your vehicles, that are letting the side down.


You Don’t Prioritize Maintenance

The best car isn’t bulletproof, and a machine that relies so heavily on smooth running needs regular maintenance. In large part, car maintenance is about the small things you do at home, like checking your tires or topping up your engine oil. A professional check every 12 months or 12,000 miles is also key to ensuring that your engine and its component parts are all in the best possible condition. Without this, anything from the latest Mazda to a used Hyundai will struggle to meet your needs.

You Fail To Get On Top With Cleaning

You can tell a lot about a person from the inside (and outside) appearance of their car, and you can also tell a lot about how long a lifespan that vehicle is likely to enjoy. For those annoying people who make their cars last for years, interiors are usually in tip top condition. By comparison, someone who leaves rubbish, crumbs, and bird poop all over their vehicle is unlikely to enjoy the same lasting relationship. No one likes a messy partner, after all, and your car will soon break up with you (or just stop working,) if you let sticky drinks and crisp crumbs get into its inner workings. 

You Actively Ignore Warning Signs

Relationships are all about communication, and your love affair with your car is no different – if you don’t listen to what it’s telling you, then how can you possibly give it what it needs? After all, our vehicles often let us know when they aren’t happy. If you listen to these signs and seek help as soon as possible, you can generally avoid escalating costs and fatal consequences. But, if you ignore them until your car has already died, is it really any surprise when you have to start looking for a new model?

Like any relationship, our vehicles need love, attention, and commitment. If you haven’t been giving those until now, it’s time to be honest and admit that you’re the problem, not your fated vehicles.

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