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stress points in relationships that can cause arguments

Disagreements in life often come from the little things. It’s those little things we tend to ignore until one day we can’t see past them. We’ve all witnessed couples bicker and argue. More often than not, the conflict doesn’t arise about something huge. The list of little things could go on forever. After all, everyone has their quirks and habits. So, it’s understandable that when two persons live together, they could sometimes end up getting frustrated with each other. 

But why don’t we notice those annoying quirks sooner? There’s a very good reason for that. It’s called the honeymoon period. Every couple goes through a phase where they see everything through rose-colored glasses. Everything the other does is charming, cute, and warms your heart. Until you come out of the honeymoon period, which is when conflicts appear about the little things. Moving in together is a milestone that puts your relationship to the test. Keeping bickering and arguments at bay begins during the honeymoon period. Now’s the best time to be honest about your preferences and work together to build meaningful togetherness. Addressing your respective quirks means you can enjoy being together without worrying about potential complaints – or at least, with the knowledge that you can take control over the things that could drive conflicts. And that’s how we get back to the little things that can develop and accumulate over time. By the time you take off your rose-tinted glasses, those could have gotten out of control. The end of the honeymoon period marks the beginning of a serious and profound relationship. So, how about clearing potential future issues already off the way? 


Waking up feeling tired or sore

Moving in with a partner is an exciting step in your relationship. So you may not pay attention to your sleeping routine at first. However, there are some signs that things could be improved if you find yourself constantly waking up feeling tired. Ultimately, nobody can thrive on poor sleep for any period. In the long term, sleep deprivation is likely to have serious consequences. First of all, lack of sleep affects your health. You are more likely to give in to unhealthy cravings, for a start. It also weakens your immune system, which leaves you unprotected against viruses and infections. Finally, it can reduce your attention span and concentration at work. Secondly, those who wake up tired tend to get cranky easily – unfortunately, tiredness and mood regulation don’t go hand-in-hand. But in the long term, it can increase stress, frustration, anxiety, and anger, which are the perfect ingredients for a conflict. In short, if you find yourself not getting enough rest at night since you’ve moved in with a partner, it’s important to address the issue early. More often than not, updating your mattress could solve many problems such as preventing unwanted snoring noises or back pain. If you can’t agree on the thickness of the duvet, you could learn a few tips from German couples, for instance. In Germany, partners use two single duvets in bed so each can be comfortable. In short, there’s a solution for you if you’re willing to look for it. 

Managing the delicious treats 

Couples who cook together, stay together. 

If you’ve heard the saying, you probably know it to be true. Cooking is often associated with a caring and loving gesture. You cook to feed the people you love. Cooking as a couple brings a new meaning to the whole process. Couples who share jobs in the kitchen tend to enjoy preparing delicious meals and baking succulent treats together and for each other. So, it’s not surprising that people who are in a happy relationship tend to put on some weight during the honeymoon period. Indulging in a variety of flavors becomes a way of reflecting the affection. Unfortunately, you could get out of shape in the process and resent your shared meals! There’s no reason to quit cooking, though. But you can introduce healthier habits in the kitchen by understanding how to calculate ffmi. The Fat Free Mass index accounts for your lean muscle mass. This calculator compares against the body fat mass. This helps you keep your eating habits in check and monitor your body fat healthily. More importantly, it can convince you to change your sweet honeymoon’s menus! You could work together to create a healthy journey toward food.

Compromising on TV shows schedules

Are you one for action movies while your partner prefers psychological thrillers? In the old days, compromising on what to watch on TV was tricky. Yet, this is the 21st century. There are many options to carry on watching the TV shows you love. Streaming channels such as Netflix, for instance, provide a healthy answer to the TV dilemma. Alternatively, you’ve still got the option to record live TV and watch it later. Discussing TV preferences might sound irrelevant at first. Yet, the small screen offers an entertaining and comforting stress-coping strategy. It’s the everyday escapism we all need from time to time. So, it’s never okay to deprive yourself or your partner of the opportunity to sit down and relax in front of a movie. 

Visiting friends and families

We spent more time with your parents than with mine! 

We never see my friends! 

Nobody wants to get stuck in those arguments. But you can establish a fair family schedule from the start to prevent future conflicts. It is something to discuss openly so you can find options that will work for both of you. Simple options such as meeting up at a coffee place can help break the ice and keep everyone happy. The other advantage of meeting in town is that you can schedule a deadline. You can have a coffee and cake with your partner’s friends and then head back to the rest of your peaceful day. 

Creating a shared storage strategy

Why don’t you put things back at their place?

Admittedly, nobody wants to waste a lot of time looking for their belongings. More often than not, clutter is a source of conflict between partners. Clutter, however, tends to be the result of poor communication or organization. If you never explain your storage strategy to your partner, it seems unfair to expect them to know where everything belongs. Similarly, when you’ve got a too complex tidying-up approach, your partner may be tempted to leave things lying around because it’s easier and more convenient. The truth is they would be right. Ineffective storage creates clutter! So, why not work together from the start to define how you want to put things away and where you want to store them? There are hundreds of ways of making sense of your interior. Labeled boxes are one of the most effective and manageable strategies. Besides, they can also be part of your decor, which makes it even more enjoyable. A tidy home brings joy and peace to everyone. 

Redecorating together

If you are moving into your partner’s home, or they into yours, it can lead to unpleasant feelings of not belonging in the long term. You can already picture the row, screaming “I’ve never felt at home here” before slamming the door on your way out. It can be helpful to start a common DIY project during the honeymoon period. You can decide to redecorate the living room or make the bedroom feel cozier. Interior decor doesn’t have to break the bank. But it’s a way for both partners to design a space that works for both of them. 

Conflicts arise from little frustrations that accumulate over time. Nurturing your relationship during the early phases of the honeymoon period strengthens your bond and eliminates the risks for future conflicts. Will it be a bump-free journey? No, there will always be other things to disagree about. But you can already remove some of the future deal-breakers.

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