Cannabis cocktails is a new frontier for bartenders and mixologists around the world. While most of us are familiar with the concept of smoking, vaping, and consuming cannabis through edibles - cocktails offer an opportunity to get more creative with blending art with function.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out the new myCharge Hub Turbo during a few trips before the world shut down. As someone who travels a lot, I've gone thought a ton of different power banks of all different shapes, sizes, and capacities. I have tiny pocket-sized power banks and I have giant 200+ mha units used for camping to power radios and other emergency gear. However, for the most part they all share the same weakness. No matter how small, they all require you to have cords and an external charger to recharge the battery and your devices too. That's what I love about the myCharge Turbo Hub and while I'm excited to give one away for one of you lucky guys!

While gin probably isn't the first spirit that you think of when it comes to manly cocktails, this is possibly one of the manliest spirits from a historical perspective. The classic gin and tonic was the choice of British sailors, explorers, and adventurers for generations and that should be good enough to inspire any of you to give it a shot ... or at least mix it up into a tasty cocktail!

Sometimes things don't need to be fancy ... it just needs to be good. Family dinner time is often as much about keeping bellies full and faces smiling as it is about art and plating. Luckily there are a remarkable number of foods that are extremely cheap and can be combined in new ways to turn leftovers into a cravable dish such as this one that my wife actually invented last night! By using a few packages of ramen noodles and adding carrots and pork from last night's dinner, along with some sauce, it turned uggggh! into aaahhh! This is something any dad can make though and trust me ... women love men who can cook!

There are few things as simple and delicious as a chicken salad sandwich but like many things simple ... the joy comes with the creativity it affords you. In this case, the concept of "Chicken Salad" is taking chunks of chicken and mixing it with mayonnaise before placing it between two pieces of bread to complete the sandwich. However, this time I was inspired by a person I met recently while traveling. While parading through Lafayette, Louisiana on a Mardi Gras float she whipped out a Chicken Salad Sandwich that added grapes and almonds ... the combination of sweet and savory sounded intriguing and so I had to make it once I got home!

Onward arrived in theatres in early March but has been rushed to streaming services including Movies Anywhere and on April 3 it will be available for subscribers to Disney+. We have some activity pages that including coloring, mazes, and memory games to help entertain the kids while we all work to maintain our sanity in these tough times stuck together at home.

Sometimes there is just no energy to cook a big meal. A crazy day at the office, kids needing to be shuttled from school to dentist appointments to practice, dry cleaning to be picked. It all adds up to exactly zero time for cooking dinner. That’s why this Easy Mediterranean Chicken Quiche Recipe hits the target so successfully. It’s easy to prepare, can be frozen in advance and stores nicely in the frig for days. Plus you gotta love a multi-purpose dish that can work for dinner, lunch or breakfast!

While Valentine's Day is coming up this week, this really should be something that we think about all-year-round. Being a better husband doesn't mean you're not a great one already ... but we can always be better. This passion for improvement and innovation is the first lesson I learned about being a better husband during the time I spent with the folks at Perdue Farms last fall and I've learned a lot more since then too. Let's take a look at some of the lessons that men can learn by following in the footsteps of Perdue Farms!

The world self-care seems to be popping up in the media everywhere I look and it is apparently the latest trend among progressive women. So why you ask am I talking about it here? The simple answer is taking the time to relax, step back from your daily life and spend some time getting to know yourself is just as important for men as it is women. While the origins of this term come from a soft woke place, that doesn't mean we can't take things and turn it up a notch. The core concept though is the same, so let's take a look at some fun self-care ideas for men.

While we men generally have it good when it comes to most things in life. One area where we have historically lagged is with toys designed for our sexual pleasure. For the most part, our hands work pretty well and that’s been good enough for most of us. Plus, most guys don’t talk about masturbating or ask other guys for advice and recommendations the way women do. Luckily, LELO - one of the top designers of sex toys has chosen to invest in some serious research and deliver the ultimate male sex toy for us to try.

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