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We're all busy guys and so when there's an opportunitty to get some help that is never a bad thing. Sears - parent of Kenmore has been working to build a personal shopper network for the past several years with the goal of ultimately becomign the leader in making shopping easy and maybe even fun. As technology and connected devices becomes an even more important part of the overall mixture, it's not surprising to see Kenmore come out with a technical bridge to enable communication with your personal shopper that much easier. Meet Alfie ...

halloween zombie

Halloween is coming up quick but there's still time to get ready! One of our favorite places any time of the year is Goodwill stores since it's a great place to get used (and sometimes brand new) items that you can make into the ultimate Halloween costume. Even better is that money spent at Goodwill stores helps fund their programs and services to help people find jobs, earn paychecks and care fo their families. It's a win-win for everyone in the community!

free photo of classic car

One of the biggest challenges that most bloggers face is where to find free photos and other images that are suitable for use in blog posts. It wasn't too long ago that most bloggers simply just pulled whatever images they needed from other sites, without paying attention to the rights. However, as our sites grow, a couple things have probably happened that will make you re-evaluate that theory. The first is that someone may "borrow" one of your images and the second is that you read about someone getting sued for thousands of dollars because they used an image without licensing it properly.

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One of the challenges facing every blogger is the negotiation dance with brands. For some campaigns one might get $500 and on the next you might only get offered $250 ... and once in a while you might get much much more! For me personally, when writing at this is a challenge I constantly face. The reality is that I don't have a standard rate and depending on the sponsor, I'm willing to work for different amounts and even alternative types of compensation.

creating context

Blogging used to be entirely a work of passion for me, it was what I did when I was inspired to share something awesome. Somewhere along the line as I got better and increased my reach it became a job. No, all to offen I will write posts for brands that featured mock-ups of dinner parties or posing a car on a rock pretending that I had done something epic. That's not bad, but I miss the good old days when content was natural and the creator's genuine passion shines through. This is not a challenge just for me - but I think for most other professional and aspiring bloggers too. The harder we work, the less time we have, and honestly it's tough pretending to be awesome every minute of every day. I'm not content to just sit there and accept my fate, so here's what I am doing and what you can do to join me as well!

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