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Men and Cars ... you simply can't separate us from these beasts! It's a heady combination of raw horsepower, complex technology, and the thrill of winning races (even if only in our heads!) Like most men, cars are in my blood and so let's take an hour on Tuesday to talk about our love affair with the automobile. Topics will include our favorite cars, dream cars, maintenance / repair, and driving safety tips. All guys who love cars are welcome to join us, share your tips, celebrate your favorite brands, and have fun with a group of guys who share your passion ...

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Do you enjoy doing projects around the house or making things with your hands? Join us for the #DIYguys Twitter Party on July 21 from 9-10 p.m. ET.

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Guys, there are a lot of things that we are good at, but we are way behind the ball in terms of Twitter parties. Don't worry though, as a veteran who has run hundreds of Twitter parties as a brand and a blogger there are some easy tips that can help you get into the groove quickly. When done properly, participating in a Twitter party is a great way to grow your following, increase your reputation and win some great prizes ranging from trips to gift cards and everything in between.

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Today, we're talking with George Torres from Sofrito For Your Soul. I met George on a trip with Fiat a couple months ago and he and are working on some cool stuff coming up to help bring the male blogging space together. It's always good to meet other guys who share the same goal of building a community of bloggers who can come together to share ideas and help each other grow our sites while working to enhance the experience for our audiences.

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As we've started to attract more attention and bring more brands and male bloggers into the group I've started to get asked the same question. "So how do these trips work?"

The simple answer is that our key difference is that the guys get a say and are actively involved in the experience vs just being an observer. What we strive to deliver is the experience of traveling with your best friends. That might sound cliche, but it makes these trips more awesome and easier for the bloggers to produce more amazing content compared to a traditional "press trip". Traditional fam trips / press trips are great - I love attending them myself, but when you get a group of guys completely jacked up about hanging out with their friends and doing some awesome stuff, incredible content just flows naturally.

That content and the emotions that go along with it is what makes a lasting impact for the brand. It will be shared through social media as well as talked about offline and rises above other manufacturered expeiences.

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