The human body is not a perfect machine. It’s pretty good. But occasionally, it encounters something novel that it didn’t expect and couldn’t prepare for. 

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Getting a phone for your kid is always going to be a big decision for any parent. There’s quite a lot of debate surrounding the right age. However, most kids will have a phone by the time they are 12. Don’t forget, that these days it’s impossible to avoid the impact that tech has on your child’s life. A key decision here will be choosing the right phone for your child. So, let’s explore some of the best options. 

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Although you can’t overlook the importance of being a gentleman, it’s necessary to understand what it means. While some people define it as your dressing style, others consider it as chivalry. However, there is more to today's gentleman than your ability to impress a lady you are courting. In addition, having an unquenchable thirst for education, knowledge, and communication defines you as a gentleman. If you want to know more, here are some more tips for becoming a modern-day gentleman.

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If you often feel unsafe when you get in a car to drive, that can be the result of a number of different factors. It might be that you are not a very confident driver, and this is spilling over into a general malaise around the experience of driving. Or it could be that you have had some traumatic experiences in the past, and you are keen not to repeat them. In any case, there are some vital steps you can take to ensure that you feel safer whenever you get in a car in the future. Here they are.

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Driving is an everyday task that most people never really think about. They will have been driving for years and years, so they never see it as much of a burden or anything to worry about. If you’re new to driving or harbor a little anxiety still, then the best thing you can do is attack those issues head-on. Improving your driving skill can benefit your life so much in this world as you’ll be opened up to all kinds of different opportunities. 

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We love to highlight other fantastic male bloggers and influencers, so here we go again! Greg and Colin run an awesome enterprise, Eh Canada Travel where it's part blog, part podcast, part marketing agency, and a lot of other parts. These guys are the epitome of influencers that figured out a way to do what they love and make money doing it by not just plugging ads into their content but by leveraging their influence to provide value. 

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Summer is the perfect time for DIY projects, the days are long and the sun is out meaning you have extra time to enjoy some of the new tools you’ve been collecting or indulge in a DIY project you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Below are some ideas you might go for this summer if the mood takes you.  

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Edibles are something that are becoming increasingly popular around the country as people look for different experience than what they might have had when they were younger just puffing on a joint being passed around. What's exciting here is that we're starting to see some new and unique applications where the effects of the THC are basically becoming part of the overall foodie experience, not just using food as a delivery mechanism like in most THC gummies etc.

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One of the main things to get to grips with when it comes to fashion is that it is all about what you like and your own personal sense of style. However, it is still vital that you know how to look your best.  With the pandemic winding down here in the United States, a return to business meetings and indeed working at the office again is just around the corner. So let's ditch those sweatpants and tee-shirts, let's take a look at how to dress for success when you return to the office this spring.

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If you’re bored, then you need a hobby. If you have time to be bored, then you don’t have enough to do and this means that you should be looking for another activity to add to your list. Have you ever thought about what hobby you would take up if you had more time? Well, now you have that time, so it’s best to get that list out and start working your way through it to find a hobby that you love. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the hobbies that you should consider taking up if you’re bored. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

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