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A bunch of us joined Ford for an absolutely epic launch of the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum as we drove from Vancouver Canada to Albuquerque, New Mexico and now we want to share some of our excitement.

There will be no planned prizes or giveaways but you'll have a chance to hear from some of the top bloggers in the country about their experience driving this amazing car and share stories about your favorite road trips.


We're going to be talking about our favorite road trips as well as sharing our experience from the #ExploreMore road trip.


September 22 from 9-10 pm ET

Help Us Promote the #ExploreMore Twitter Party:

Share this tweet with your friends and followers: Join @MenWhoBlog for #ExploreMore Twitter Party: 9/22 9pm ET, talking about Road Trips & the @Ford Explorer! RSVP:

How to Participate:

Monitor the official Twitter Party Hashtag, #ExploreMore

Follow @MenWhoBlog for questions that will be presented as "Q1: What is your favorite part of the new @Ford Explorer #ExploreMore"

ReTweet questions and your favorite comments by others participating in the party

Answer questions by responding in this format, "A1: I love how it looks! #ExploreMore"

Blogger Co-Hosts and Special Guests:

Also follow these blogger co-hosts and special guests who were on the road trip and will be sharing some of their favorite memories of the drive!









Are Going to Join Us? Questions? Comments? 

Let us know below, we hope you can join us on September 22 from 9-10 pm ET!


chris 2 divas

I've known Chris for a while now - he was one of the first "Dad Bloggers" that stood out for me while I was working for Sears / Kmart. Since that time, his blog has grown and now he's part of our #MenWhoBlog community to help other male bloggers improve their craft, share ideas, and have some fun. As someone who's seen the evolution of the dad as well as male blogging space I wanted to get his perspective on a few things ...


Last fall I met an interesting guy on a press trip and we hit it off. While I've very rarely met a guy who was "boring", most bloggers are out to promote themselves in one manner or another with selfies and such. Instead, this guy is simply known as "The Product Poet" and he hides behind "Groucho mask" and a hat. Like Batman and Superman, no one knows his real name and he likes to keep it that way. However, what struck me as impressive is his incredible talent for building a brand and creating something awesome through poetry - on Twitter.

donors choose 36 kia racing

Men and Cars ... you simply can't separate us from these beasts! It's a heady combination of raw horsepower, complex technology, and the thrill of winning races (even if only in our heads!) Like most men, cars are in my blood and so let's take an hour on Tuesday to talk about our love affair with the automobile. Topics will include our favorite cars, dream cars, maintenance / repair, and driving safety tips. All guys who love cars are welcome to join us, share your tips, celebrate your favorite brands, and have fun with a group of guys who share your passion ...

craftsman c3 diyguys

Do you enjoy doing projects around the house or making things with your hands? Join us for the #DIYguys Twitter Party on July 21 from 9-10 p.m. ET.

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