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fly fishing and other hobbies you should try

A OnePoll survey involving 2,000 Americans revealed that the average American uses just over six hours weekly on a small job or hobby they've been delaying. Hobbies are undoubtedly an excellent way to spend your free time and achieve a work-life balance. Consequently, it would be best to pick up more hobbies to keep you active and relieve stress this year. Outdoor hobbies might be ideal picks for you if you are bored of being indoors and would love to get out more. Here are five common outdoor hobbies you can try this year. 


An estimated 49.1 million people in America went fishing at least once in 2017. Fishing is an excellent outdoor hobby to consider if you are charmed by water and wildlife. It is one of the more relaxing hobbies since it is less active, but you need the patience of a saint for success. You can go fishing occasionally to challenge yourself to catch the most, largest, and rarest fish possible. Also, you can bring back your catch to save money on food. Regardless of your reasons for fishing, it remains one of the best ways to unwind while enjoying the great outdoors.



Camping is the perfect hobby to pick up if you wish to spend some nights away from home on an outdoor adventure. You can camp in the summer to enjoy sunbathing in nature with good company. Alternatively, you can camp in the rain to enjoy a new kind of ambiance and experience. You will need to spend money on essential camping gear to fund this hobby, so keep this in mind. It might also be necessary to splurge on one of these hybrid campers to make your camping trip more comfortable.



Cycling is the ideal hobby to choose if you want to get in some cardiovascular exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. You can explore rugged off-road trails on your bike, perfect your skills at a BMX park, or challenge yourself to endurance road racing. You can cycle alone or with friends and family for a more fun experience. However, invest in an excellent mountain bike and some safety equipment if you intend to cycle regularly.



You can explore hiking as the perfect outdoor hobby if you love taking walks around the neighborhood. Hiking is basically going on long walks on footpaths and trails in the countryside. It is a great way to exercise without putting too much strain on your joints. Also, it offers endless opportunities to explore your local area. You can set goals to remain motivated on your hiking trips just like you would while running. 



Photography is a great way to blend your love for the outdoors with your artistic side. It is one of the few outdoor hobbies you can do pretty much anywhere. Outdoor photography is a fun way to sharpen your skills of taking pictures of people, architecture, aircraft, and cars. You may also be fortunate enough to capture wildlife at its best while on one of your outdoor explorations. These pictures will certainly bring you likes and comments on social media, but you can also monetize them by selling to publications and stock photo agencies that are willing to buy.

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