Men’s Wardrobe Essentials For Winter 2021

winter essential fashion items for men

Fashion can be a fickle beast. And for men in particular it can be hard to stay creative when our day to day style consists mostly of a T-shirt and jeans. But today we aim to help you become more stylish this year by filling your wardrobe with some of the men’s fashion essentials. 

There are a lot of basics as well as more special items a man should have in his arsenal, and here they are today for you. Fill up your wardrobe with these pieces today and use them to up your style in 2021.

A Bright Colored Beanie 

There is nothing better than a brightly colored beanie that will take your outfit to the next level. The brighter the color, the better here and it can really bring a focal point to any outfit you try. A yellow beanie or a bright blue beanie will elevate your outfit and give you that sense of fun you need on a cold day. Dress it up with a matching scarf for an extra kick. 

A Pair of White Sneakers 

When looking for some simple stylish elements for your wardrobe there is nothing more basic than some white sneakers. Puma sneakers will bring some light color to your outfit and are perfect for a host of occasions should as work, the pub, and a day out shopping. You can pair these versatile shoes with any outfit and get a great result. Look for a sturdy pair and give them a spray with Teflon spray to help keep them bright and white for longer. 

A Snap Cap 

For those days when you just can’t be bothered to style your hair, there is nothing better than a snap cap to hide it. When your hair has been lacking love due to the ongoing pandemic or just in general, a cap is the perfect way to cover your noggin. Use a snap cap to add some street style to your look this week and also keep your head from getting cold. 

A Pea Coat 

When we think of suave and sophisticated style, there is nothing more fitting than a pea coat. A pea coat is a stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe and it will bring a sense of elegance to any outfit. In the winter it is the ideal top layer for your outfit, and will not only keep you warm but will add a sense of style to your outfit. Pair this with a red scarf and some leather gloves for the ultimate stylish winter outfit. 

A Black Roll Neck 

If you have always looked at Colin Firth and thought ‘I’d like to look like this guy’ - then look no further than a black roll neck top. Roll neck tops get a bad wrap but they are actually incredibly comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. Your black roll neck will be suitable for a night out, a day in the office, or a date with the one you love. This simple and comfort ale item will go with anything and it will make your outfit pop. 

A Grey Hoodie Sweatshirt 

For those days where you want to look dressed up but not dressed up - a plain grey sweatshirt is ideal. This item is great for a colder day in the office or can also be a great one to wear out at the pub with your mates. Simple and versatile, you can use this to layer up on the way to the gym or lounge about in the house and watch Netflix. A sweatshirt is the perfect go to clothing item and you can branch out with a few different colors to make things more exciting. 

A Red Scarf 

It often feels like men’s clothing is duller than women’s, and this is something that can hinder creativity. However, for a man there are some key coloured items to add to your arsenal right away a red scarf is a classy but simple addition to any winter getup and it will contrast starkly against a black or grey coat. A red scarf is a focal point and it will often help you to stand out in the crowd. 

A White Buttoned Shirt 

Every man needs a crisp white shirt in his wardrobe. A white shirt is ideal for the office, for a date, or for more formal events and is versatile in its usage. Enjoy wearing your white shirt underneath a waistcoat or jacket, with a bright coloured tie, or simply on its own with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of sunglasses. 

A Collarless Jacket 

A collarless jacket can be a simple way to dress up a plain t shirt and jeans combo. Have you just been invited out to the pub and you don’t have time to get completely changed? No problem, put on a collarless jacket and immediately your casual outfit will be dressed up for the occasion. 

Classic Jeans 

Jeans are an essential item for everyone - and as a man this will likely make up a lot of your outfits throughout the year. A good pair of blue jeans can be the best accessory you have and they can be dressed up with a shirt or down with a t shirt depending on the occasion. 

Beige Chinos 

Beige chinos are an item we should all have in our wardrobes and they make a huge difference to our outfits. They can be dressed up with a white or black shirt and navy jacket for the most summery get up you could ask for. These light and comfortable pants are ideal for the warmer parts of the year and they will make a big difference in your wardrobe. 

A Navy Padded Jacket 

In the winter and spring, the weather is cold and we need some items to layer up. A padded jacket is a lightweight way to layer up as well as stay toasty, and a navy coloured is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Consider adding a navy padded jacket to your collection this winter and you will not regret it. 

A Charcoal Suit 

A charcoal suit has something about it that a regular black suit can’t achieve. If you want to look like a dangerous and powerful man, a charcoal suit is absolutely what you need. Whether you go single or double breasted is up to you, but a charcoal suit will make any man look the part. 

Chestnut Brown Shoes 

Chestnut brown shoes have to be an essential for every man on this list. A sturdy pair of brown shows are one of the best accessories a guy can have and they will bring a touch of classic style to your outfits. Enjoy wearing these to the office and other formal events and a good pair should last you for years. 

A White Sweater 

For those days where you want simplicity to do the talking - a white sweater is the ideal choice. White clothing can bring more attention to you and your features - and it will likely make your skin look brighter and your eyes pop. White also goes with any other color so you can have some fun with the accessories and make them work for the occasion. Sometimes though, monochrome is key and pairing a white shirt with a black pair of pants is the classiest of all. 

Use these men’s items to elevate your style this year and start to really pay attention to your fashion sense. In 2021 and beyond, be the most stylish you can be.

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