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It's easy for guys that live alone to fall into the bachelor pad cliche. There's something great about having your own space and not having to worry about anybody else. However, bachelor pads can be a bit unwelcoming without a feminine touch. Home should be a place where you feel comfortable and welcome, but that isn't always the case with bachelor pads. But with a few small touches, you can make the space feel a lot nicer. Here's how you can make your bachelor pad more homely.


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Upgrading your lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your bachelor pad feel warmer and cozier. Incorporating light sources like lamps, lanterns or candle holders into your decor can also help create a more inviting atmosphere, along with adding decorative touches to otherwise boring areas like lampshades. Not only will this make a big difference in the aesthetics of your place, it also helps to eliminate shadows and can make a space seem larger.


While most people don't think about adding curtains to their bachelor pad, they're actually a great way to add color and warmth without too much effort or cost. You can easily find affordable curtains at just about any store that sells home decor. If you have window coverings already, this is an ideal time to replace them with something new. 


Candles are always a great idea. The way that your home smells makes a huge difference to the atmosphere. You don't have to go for a flowery scent either, you can get some great scented candles for men, so you can still keep the bachelor pad vibe while also making the place smell nice. Scents like smoked leather, for example, are perfect for a bachelor pad.


Whether you have traditional paintings or abstract prints, art is one of the best ways to add color and personality to any room. You don't even need to spend a lot of money either. You can go for something cheap and cheerful like prints, or splurge on original artwork. Either way, it's an affordable and unique way to make your bachelor pad feel more like home.

Comfortable Furniture

Don't just throw any old couch into your bachelor pad! Make sure that you invest in high-quality, comfortable furniture pieces that you'll love spending time on. Also, be sure to think about adding things like side tables and even bookshelves so that you have somewhere to put decorative items that give the place a bit of personality.


A lot of men design their bachelor pad in very simple colors like gray and white. While this minimalist look can be effective, it also looks boring and uninviting if it is used throughout the house. If you really want to improve your bachelor pad and make it more homely, you should try to add a bit more color. Even if you want to keep the walls plain, why not get a few bright cushions?


These are all simple changes you can make to create a bachelor pad that is nice and homely.


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