here are tips for finding a job that fits you

When looking for a job a lot of people do not create a strategy or even think about what they are going to look for. When identifying a specific job it is not easy and needs time and planning to make sure you get the results you want, you need to make sure you are identifying how those jobs will affect you, your life and if it matches your goals for your life too. 

If you are sick of scrolling through lists of jobs and want to know how you can find the right job for you a lot easier then hopefully these few tips will help you do just that and get you into the job you want and are happy in.


Understand What You Want As A Job

The best place to start is to decide what sort of job you are going to be looking for, are you new to the job market, are you looking for something in a new career or just looking for a new employer for your current job role. Deciding on this is key as this will point you in the direction of the job role you want, if you have spent years studying family medicine then you need to make sure you are looking to view family medicine job openings specifically and not medicine jobs. Also if you are newly graduated then you need to be looking to graduate jobs as they require the least amount of experience if you are straight out of education. Once this is figured out then you will be making a big step to finding the right job for you.


Decide What Your Job Must Have

To continue to narrow down a job that you want and to make sure it matches what you are after you need to decide on the non negotiables for the job and where you can be more flexible. You do not want to block yourself out of good jobs because you are too specific but you also want to make sure that you get the job you want. Things like the industry, salary, job benefits and location are things that would be non negotiables as they are things you are looking for specifically. The things that you might be more flexible on would be job titles, certain benefits that you are not set on, the size of the company, any any travel that is required while working, these are just examples of things that would tend to be more flexible but obviously if they are not then make them non negotiables so you can narrow the job down more.


If you are looking to get a specific job, maybe you are trained in something specific or you are looking for a career change, if this is the case then these tips may well help to give you an idea of what you can do and get started on finding the right job for you and what you want, instead of settling for a job or getting a job that does not fir with you and your skills.

Thank you

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