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Your home is your castle and you should feel comfortable there if anywhere, that's why it’s so important to design your home's interior to fit with your personality and your moods. But that's easier said than done. How exactly do you design a home that meets your needs and interacts positively with your moods? Read on to find out more. 

Make It Personal

If you were to strip everything back and look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time, do you think it would still feel like your home? It might to some extent, but equally, it might feel like an empty shell devoid of any personality. 

Now consider what things you would actually need to make that space your own. Would it be a certain chair, a flat-screen television, or a piece of artwork? These are your comfort items


Keep It Tidy

Some things impact our mood more than others, it's well known for instance that colors can make us feel happy, calm or sad depending on the room we're in, the same goes for clutter. When a room is cluttered it can easily increase our anxiety levels. 

To avoid this you need to regularly declutter your home and keep it tidy. A good way of doing this is to tidy your home in short 10 or 15-minute intervals every day. It doesn't take up too much of your time and means your home is comfortable and clutter-free. 

Introduce Plants 

Like selecting the best colors for each room of your home to inspire a different mood, plants can affect the way you feel in your home and the way your home feels. Plants are living beings themselves and they interact with the atmosphere and change it in healthy ways. 

If you want to feel more comfortable in your home, introduce some aerating plants that will absorb the excess carbon in the air and emit oxygen instead. You will notice the difference in your home with a fresh crop of aerating plants. 

Choose Nice Furniture 

The ancient cultures of Asia have known for generations that the furniture you choose for your home and the way you set your home up can have a significant impact on your psyche and your comfort levels. That is why choosing nice furniture is so important. 

Nice furniture can mean anything that speaks to you, but in general round furniture is associated with a calm comfortable feeling in the same way as the colour blue. Consider these marble coffee tables, they are a fine example of comfortable furniture. 

Let More Light In 

Another aspect of staying comfortable in your home is the levels of light you receive. As with having plant life in your home, it's important to get enough natural light for your circadian rhythms and your vitamin D levels. 

There are several ways you can let more light into your home. You can hang light curtains or net curtains, make a skylight or invest in some mirrored furniture that will reflect natural light in all directions.

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