How To Create Your Ideal Home Office With These Practical Steps

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There is no denying that COVID-19 has popularized the remote working culture. According to a Gallup study, 56% of US employees worked remotely in January 2021. Working from home is a popular small working option, so creating the perfect home office is crucial to ensure comfort and productivity. Here are some guidelines to consider to create your ideal home office.

Position Your Desk Properly

Home office desks are undoubtedly crucial to the entire setup, so having an excellent desk in the first place is non-negotiable. However, many experts agree that where you place this desk matters, so it is critical to put your desk in the right place. You can set your desk near a window to enjoy all the great benefits of natural light, including better productivity, increased focus, and mood boosts. Being near a window can also enable you to give your eyes a rest from screen time so you can gaze into the outside world momentarily.  However, ensure that your computer screen isn't directly in line with your light source since this can cause glare that affects your ability to see.


Pick A Great Chair

The average American adult reportedly sits for about 6.5 hours daily, so seating options are undoubtedly a big deal when creating your perfect home office. Functionality and comfort should be your prime concern when selecting your home office chair since you will be seated for long hours. Therefore, pick a chair that offers all the lumbar, upper back, and arm support you can get to ensure that you maintain great posture. In addition, consider the height of your desk or workstation when picking your chair, and select one with a swivel base that will allow you to move without twisting your back. This way, you can avoid bad posture while seated, one of the leading health risks for home workers.


Add A Personal Touch

Adding personal items to your home office setup can make it feel more like your workplace and boost productivity. Consequently, surround yourself with personal things that motivate and inspire you in various ways. These items can be mementos, family pictures, or personal photographs. This way, you can feel more at ease and get in the right mood for work quickly.


Choose Color Purposely

Color has a significant impact on mood, so it is best to be deliberate with your color choices when setting up your home office. For instance, red is a bad idea for home office décor since it is known to raise heart rate and blood pressure. In contrast, blue is an excellent choice because it creates feelings of calm and can help you focus. Similarly, yellow is worth considering if you are a creative since it can stimulate the senses. What’s more, green is also worth considering for your home office space since it is a color of nature that is soothing. However, remember that the saturation of your color choice is paramount when choosing your color. The higher the saturated color is, the more stimulating it will be.

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