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Everyone loves going out to the movies with their friends or family, but it's been a year during this pandemic when the movie theaters have been off limits for most people. You may be looking to create that immersive and exciting movie experience in the home, and if that's the case, you need to know how to set it all up so that your home theater is comfortable and offers you that cinematic experience you head to the movie theater for.

You may still have to enjoy movies on your own, but Netflix becomes far more exciting when you have the giant screen and surround sound. If you have a spare room in your house, it's time to start getting it all stripped back so that you can make space for a movie theater that you can enjoy over and over. So, whether you use the basement to run your movie theater or you build an entire room onto the side of the house, you need to start doing your research into digital tv antenna reviews and furniture to go in the room. Your research needs to be thorough, too, so that you don't have to make too many more tweaks to the movie theater once you have it up and running.

So, if you're ready to start a brand new project, here is exactly what you need for your home theater.

Trick Out The Space

Ooh, technology! It's one of the best inventions and the tech that you choose to have in the movie theater is going to really make this the new favorite room in the house. You want the biggest TV your budget can afford, and if that means a 65-75 inch TV, choose it! It should fill up enough of the wall that you feel like you are in a cinema. Alternatively, installing a projector on the ceiling and ensuring that it's pointing at a blank wall is going to be a great option for streaming movies. When you do choose a TV, make a point of picking one that is Smart HD so you can stream any service to it. While you're on the subject of technology, make sure that your speakers are wireless, surround sound and anchored to the top of the wall. You'll get that immersive sound experience as a result!

Plush Furnishing 

Whether you go for a huge, L-shaped couch or you choose to have individual electric recliners in the room, the furniture needs to be ultimately comfortable. Add throws and cushions, and make sure that if you choose to buy recliners you are aware of your distance from the wall so that you can recline properly without hitting a hard surface. Add a footrest if you don't have a recliner in the movie theater and make sure that you can stretch right out to enjoy your movie.


While you're in your chair, you should be able to turn the lights up or down as you need to. Controlling the lights is as important as controlling your movie, and if you can do it from your chair, even better. Automation is going to make your whole room transform and feel much more high tech than you could have imagined it to be!


The reason that movie theaters are so dark - from carpet to wall paint - is that the less lighting there is, the better you can see the movie. Switch out the flooring in your spare room for thick black carpets and you will amplify the sound without interrupting the rest of the house, too. You can also bet that the darker walls will give it a movie theater feel, too. These are the smaller touches you want to ensure that you create that movie theater you used to go and visit.


Popcorn, anyone? Every movie theater has that freshly popped popcorn smell, and you can recreate it! Buying a popcorn machine is a great idea, as is buying a cold refrigerator that has all your favorite drinks and chocolates in it. Movie snacks are a must, and they don't have to be left in the kitchen to count!


Lastly, if there are kids in the house, you need a lock on the door and on the DVD cabinet in the corner. Streaming movies is one thing, but you should also be able to watch the movies you already purchased. Locking the door means that this cave of yours will be comfortably safe when it's not in use!

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