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How To Choose The Right Phone For Your Child

tips to help dads select the right phone for kids

Getting a phone for your kid is always going to be a big decision for any parent. There’s quite a lot of debate surrounding the right age. However, most kids will have a phone by the time they are 12. Don’t forget, that these days it’s impossible to avoid the impact that tech has on your child’s life. A key decision here will be choosing the right phone for your child. So, let’s explore some of the best options. 


Android Or iPhone

First, you need to think about whether you should get your child an Android or an iPhone. Be aware that this has been a key decision for quite some time and there are strengths as well as weaknesses for both options. As such, there’s no real right answer here. It’s largely going to be an entirely personal preference. Some people do claim iPhones have a weaker battery while others say that Androids aren’t quite as reliable. So, it’s worth completing a little research with your child. You should also explore what apps are available on each. Some apps are available on both types of devices but if you want something like the Vidmate app, then you might be best choosing an android phone for your child. 



Phones can be quite expensive these days and you’ll need to think carefully about how much you want to spend when you are choosing one for your child. It is possible that a phone could cost nearly one thousand. There are ways to deal with this, either by choosing a contract or paying in stages. You might also want to consider whether you should get insurance on your phone. This will protect you financially if the phone is lost or damaged and give you some peace of mind. 


Parenting Controls

Some phones do provide a higher level of parenting control. The right parenting controls are going to allow you to choose the type of websites that your kids can access as well as the apps that they can download. It’s worth speaking to an expert about how to access parenting controls on different devices. It’s worth noting that Apple is well known for having limited levels of parenting controls and accessibility for parents who want to monitor their kids. 


Memory Size

Finally, memory size used to be an important consideration. However, these days you can save a fortune by getting a phone with smaller memory and instead using a cloud server to store all the data. This is also going to make it easier to check the videos and images that are being stored on your child’s phone. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key points to consider when choosing a phone for your child. If you opt for the right phone, then you can guarantee that you do get the peace of mind you need while also ensuring that they have a phone that is going to provide them with all the tech tools that they need as well. 

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