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Building strong working relationships with your coworkers is a great thing to do. Most people find that their coworkers are like-minded and enjoy spending time with them. When you have a group of people you can be creative with, it’s often easier to be productive when you need to be.

Many people find that the relationships they form in the workplace last a lifetime. If you’ve just started a new job or you want to strengthen your relationships with your coworkers, take a look at these tips.

Be Reliable

If you’re going to be part of a team, your coworkers need to know that you’re trustworthy. You need to deliver on all of your promises so your coworkers know they can rely on you to keep your word. Never promise to do something that you can’t deliver because you’ll end up disappointing the people you work with.

Aim to deliver your promises ahead of schedule so you build a good reputation in the workplace.


Active Listening

If you want to be listened to, you need to practice listening. Your coworkers want to be heard so it can help to volunteer as a sounding board. Listen to your coworkers and offer practical advice but only once they have finished speaking.

It can help to make conversation in communal areas so people get to know your character before they come to you for work related advice.


Get A Part Time Job

Whether it is a consultant, running orders for Doordash or picking up people for Uber you'll be able to have something other than the same old work stuff to talk about. Plus you can help them save money on filling your tanks and you get to spend valuable time together on the commute. You can find rideshare car insurance to cover you all.


Avoid Gossip

Every workplace has a gossiper. As tempting as it can be to talk about other coworkers, you should avoid gossip like the plague. Not only because it can put you in uncomfortable positions if other coworkers found out but it’s also an easy way to spread lies.

The last thing you want to do is hurt a coworker unintentionally, especially if the gossip involves someone else’s private life.


Set Boundaries

As great as it is to get close to your coworkers, it’s also important to set boundaries. If you don’t like to be teased, communicate that to your colleagues. It’s also important to spend time as a team, rather than too much time with one person.

This is especially true if many of your coworkers are married. You don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea if you’re constantly spending your time with one person.


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