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We all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy but when it comes to actually doing it, well that can be a different story altogether.

If you are not naturally inclined to work out, then it can be really difficult to find the motivation to hit the gym and work out on a regular basis. You find a million things to do instead, quite often it’s Netflix and beer with the guys that is the big draw.

If that sounds all too familiar, below you will find some strategies that can help you maintain motivation and smash your fitness goals, whatever they may be.


Hire a coach

Perhaps, the best way to maintain fitness motivation when you simply aren’t feeling it is to hire a coach. When you have a bodybuilding coach or a running coach or whatever, then you have someone who is in your corner, willing you to succeed, riding you when you need it, and helping you to find the right path that enables you to be successful. A good coach is worth their weight in gold for your health, so it is definitely something that is worth considering.


Bring a buddy along

Bringing a buddy along with you when you exercise is another great motivator. First of all, you do not want to let your buddies down by not showing up to the gym when they are expecting you, and secondly, exercising with a buddy, whether golfing or hitting the gym, gives you someone with who you can have a bit of healthy competition about, so you end up pushing yourself harder than you otherwise might, which means you see bigger gains faster, which is, in itself, pretty motivating.


Just put your gym clothes on

This might sound silly, but on days when you don’t feel like working on your fitness just put your gym clothes on. This only takes a few seconds, but once they’re on, you are more likely to follow through and hit the gym or lift some weights in the garage. It’s like, once you have overcome that first simple barrier, everything else is easier too. Give it a try, it really can work.


Make a bet

If none of the above strategies work for you, then maybe the threat of losing money will? Making a bet with a good friend or even via an online fitness betting site can be a great motivator because you will want to achieve your fitness goals in order that you do not have to hand over your hard-earned cash to a gloating buddy, a charity you hate, or whatever. Some sites will also let you win money if you meet your fitness goal, which can be an excellent positive motivator too.

Post Your Fitness Photos On Social Media

Whether it is just simply posting your photos from the gym on Facebook or joining a reddit group that supports men during their body transformation, peer pressure can be a good thing. While we often think of peer pressure in a negative context, here the feedback will be invaluable as friends, family, and folks you don't even know comment and like your photos. This will provide a boost of motivation to continue working hard on your fitness routine.

Maintaining fitness motivation is not always easy, especially when you lead a busy life with millions of other things that you need to do but it is totally possible and it can transform your life, so why not try some of the above strategies today?

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