Buying An Old House? Here Are Some Common Pests To Watch Out For

rats are horrible pests

Pests can be a major or minor inconvenience in and around your home but even more so if you are buying an old house. You may come across some pests that don't really do any damage, so you don't have to take action. However, other pests may damage either your property or the people living inside it. Either that or they just make your life a lot worse, so it makes sense to do something about them. Before you get on the phone with your local pest control services, it helps to know the main pests to look for. Here are three annoying things to keep your eye on.


Rats are probably the most common pests in households all over the country. You could throw mice into the mix, but rats are a lot bigger, making them even worse. What tends to happen is a rat will find its way into your home. Usually, this is through the smallest breach in the outer walls, making their way around the wall cavities in your property. Eventually, they make a nest somewhere, encouraging more rats to come along. Not only will you have to deal with squeaking and scratching sounds in your walls, but you also suffer from damage to parts of your home. For instance, rats regularly chew through wiring, meaning the electronics in your home could stop working. Try to humanely deal with the problem by calling in the experts. 


You might not see mosquitos as pests, largely because you assume there's no way of stopping them. If you have mosquitos in your home or garden, you might act like it's not their fault that they exist. However, speak to any mosquito control expert and they'll tell you that these bugs literally need blood to survive. It's not a coincidence that they're buzzing around your home - they want to bite you to get your blood. Needless to say, a mosquito infestation is everyone's worst nightmare. It's hard to sleep at night with the bugs buzzing around, and you end up with itchy bites. Again, get this problem dealt with by bringing some experts to your home to remove the pests and prevent them from returning. 


Bats are an interesting pest because they're actually an endangered species. In some areas, it is illegal to kill bats - so what can you do? The answer is simple: call people that know how to safely remove bats and reintroduce them back to their natural environment. The main reason bats are pests is that they make a lot of noise and mess. You hear them flapping around in your attic, and there's excrement everywhere. To protect your property (and your sanity) it makes sense to deal with them. 

These three pests are the most common and annoying ones you'll see around your home. Remember, you buy a home to feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, you spend a lot of money, so you want the property to stay in excellent condition. This is why you need to take pests seriously as they disrupt the ambiance and damage your investment.

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