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Interior design ideas

Summer is the perfect time for DIY projects, the days are long and the sun is out meaning you have extra time to enjoy some of the new tools you’ve been collecting or indulge in a DIY project you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Below are some ideas you might go for this summer if the mood takes you.  


Do you pine for the rustic country life, complete with a burning log fire and crusty home-baked bread? You’re not the only one. Guys the world over would love to get away from the city life and live on their own terms in the wilderness. Alas, this is not always possible, until now. 

With cottage core design styles you can bring something of that summer life in the country into your home. It does require a little bit of creative thinking and DIY, but with the right approach, you can transform your home into the dream rustic cottage without a massive budget.  


If you’ve got more of a modernist style you might like Japandi - this combines Japan and Scandanavia, or Scandi and it describes a style that combines the minimal rustic sentiment of Japanese design with the comfort and homeliness of the Scandanavian way of life. 

Once again this design style is easy to implement if you know what you’re doing, but it still requires some knowledge and makes a semi-challenging DIY summer project. You’ll want to paint the walls in solid colors and look for furniture pieces that are neat and linear.  

Marble Tables 

Sometimes you want something solid and original for your house and they don’t come more solid and original than marble tables. Like marble countertops, marble tables are made from high-quality marble that is durable, longstanding, and beautiful. Marble is also always in style, and it’s environmentally friendly. 

 When you think of a marble table you might think about the one you might see in a high-class hotel or a manor house, but marble coffee tables exist too and they are more every day than you might imagine. Okay, so you might be a little protective of your marble coffee table but that’s understandable. 

Earth Tones 

If your house needs a bit of a makeover this summer the easiest and most practical way is to choose earth colors for your main living rooms and possibly your home office too. According to modern psychologists earth tones are good for security and comfort but they have more advantages as well. 

When you paint your wall or hang wallpaper with earth tones they fit in with almost any other design idea you might have. They are also easy to replace if they get damaged or worn. If you want stylish interior decoration that lasts, definitely choose earth tones.  


Accent Color 

When your living room, home office, or bedroom starts to feel a bit drab and samey it’s time to break out the accent colors. Paint one wall with a color that contrasts or juxtaposes with the rest of the room for a more dynamic look to your living space. Accent walls are easy to create and change if your mood changes. 

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