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Gadgets & Apps For Your Next Road Trip Adventure

gadgets and apps for your next road trip

When you’re planning a road trip, there’s plenty to get organized. You’ll want to choose the best route, plan some fun stop-offs, and ensure that your car is well equipped. From safety gadgets to convenience gadgets, and nifty apps, here are all the things you won’t want to forget.

Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Pack

A portable jump starter is a type of battery pack that can boost your vehicle’s battery without relying on another power source or car. The power comes directly from the jump starter and is transferred into the battery using booster cables. With the help of a portable jump starter, you can be more self-sufficient on the roads. You can boost your vehicle's battery with ease, whenever you need to. The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is an excellent booster that also functions as a USB charger and a flashlight. You can use the charger for both gasoline engines and diesel engines.


Car Air Purifier 

Before you set off on a longer road trip it’s well worth investing in a car air purifier, to improve the air quality inside your vehicle. There are several benefits to using a car air purifier, including:

  • Clean the air: remove allergens, bacteria, and chemicals from the air.
  • Get rid of odors: Create a more comfortable environment in your car.
  • Breathe easier: Those with respiratory problems will find it easier to breathe when the air quality is improved.
  • Affordable: These devices are reasonably priced, so there’s so need to pay over the odds.


Radar Detector

Radar detectors are devices that can detect speed radars nearby, and alert the driver. 

When a member of the police force uses a radar gun, they can check the speed of all vehicles that pass. With the help of a radar detector, you can check your speed, and adjust it if you need to. Using a radar detector it’s simple to monitor your driving habits, stay safe and avoid getting a ticket. 

It’s vital to drive safely to avoid being in an accident on the roads. If you do experience a car accident you’ll need the help of an experienced Car Accident Injury Attorney.


Car Cooler And Warmer


To keep your drinks hot or cold on a long journey, you need a car cooler and warmer. The concept behind warmers/coolers is that you can keep your food and drinks items the right temperature. These are less expensive than car fridges, so you won't need to break the budget to get one.


Apps for a road trip 


All Trails

A road trip is a perfect excuse for a hiking stop, and All Trails can help you to find the best hiking trails. The app provides info about thousands of trails, with a large collection of GPS maps and topo maps. You can search for specific routes depending on your needs, for example, child-friendly hikes or dog-friendly routes. Whether you’re looking for a National Park or an off-road adventure, there are plenty of options with the All Trails app. Perhaps you’re looking for a camping spot along your way? The All Trails app can also provide info about nearby campsites.


Roadside America 

Roadside America offers lots of info about roadside attractions. The app will give you plenty of options for activities that you can do on your road trip. Using Roadside America you can explore Route 66 sights, theme parks, or scenic spots. There’s also a road trip community where you can get tips, share advice or save your favorite places. For quirky museums or cool diners, the app can point you in the right direction.


Gas Buddy

Using the Gasbuddy app you can discover the cheapest gas stops, and boost your fuel economy. You can search for gas stops by facilities, location, or price. Gasbuddy will also track your driving habits, providing tips to help you use less gas. When you focus on your fuel economy it’s easier to adopt greener driving habits.

Further features of the app include:

  • Help others find cheaper fuel (by reporting your stops).
  • Get rewards and points when you report prices.
  • Add your vehicle data to get alerts if your manufacturer issues a recall.



To help you plan your road trip adventure, Roadtrippers is the perfect app. Using this tool you can find new destinations and plan the very best routes. Roadtrippers can help you plan the trip you desire, whether you want the quickest route or a slow and scenic drive. 

Here you can select seven-way points, (or more if you use the paid version). Check-in with the Roadtrippers community, for plenty of advice on the best routes. Going on a road trip is the chance to see some new sights and make some great memories. With the help of this app you won’t miss out on any of the cool spots.


Jeopardy World Tour

Need something to keep you entertained on a long road trip? Try downloading the Jeopardy World Tour trivia game. With this app, you can play America’s top quiz show, from your iPhone. The app can help you to learn about lots of new topics, and get some friendly competition going between your passengers! It’s simple to play hands-free, you can even play in offline mode.

With the help of these gadgets and apps, you’ll get super organized and experience a leisurely time on the roads.

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