Essential Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

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The stigma around personal grooming among men prevents many from looking their best and performing at higher levels than they currently are. It is common to find a man laughing at his counterpart for taking care of his body by enjoying a day at the spa relaxing or getting a massage. 

While it’s evident that some areas favor women, personal grooming extends beyond the shackles of gender disparity. These eight tips will show you how to spruce yourself up like the modern man without feeling feminine in the process.

Keep Your Hair in Check

Most men are naturally hairy. You’ll find hair popping out from a man’s nose and ears while some grow around the neck region. Unkempt hair makes for a wrong first-time impression, whether you’re going out for a date or attending work-related matters like an interview, for example.

It becomes significantly worse when you’re clueless about your hair type as a man, as this makes the process of finding suitable products such as the Regaine foam harder.

With tools like the razor and clippers, along with others at your disposal, taking care of your hair shouldn’t be an uphill task. Frequently trim the protruding nose hair, or ask your barber to do it for you while getting your routine haircut. 

This courtesy should also extend to the ears and neck if there’s hair in these regions.

If you have facial hair you should make taking care of it a priority too. Facial hair needs to be groomed so that it looks neat. You can purchase a beard growth kit to help groom and encourage hair growth. 

A beard growth kit is especially good if your beard is looking patchy and you want it to start growing in a lot healthier. If you have been thinking about wearing a beard but are intimidated by the amount of care that it will make, purchasing a kit will definitely make things easier.


Take Good Care of Your Skin

As the largest organ in your body, the skin demands the most attention and care. However, only a handful of men care for their skin which can have serious consequences such as premature aging or wrinkle formation. 

Healthy skin is a product of consciously taking care of your skin through a series of steps that include the following.

Determining Your Skin Type

You must know your skin type to find a suitable regimen for your skin. For example, you may find your skin is oily and shiny, dry and itchy, sensitive and stingy, or normal, depending on several factors, most notably genes.


By the day’s end, your skin picks up dirt and toxins that exist in the natural environment. This can be a potential danger as toxins block your pores, thus preventing your skin from breathing.

Wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening to help eliminate the dirt on the surface and open up your pores for better skin functioning. 

Protect your face from direct contact with soaps that contain harsh ingredients that may harm your skin while washing.

Applying Moisturizer

Once all the essential oils come off from washing, your skin becomes dry and can quickly develop cracks without immediate care.

Moisturizer bridges this gap by trapping droplets of water inside your skin that keep your skin radiant and healthy. It also protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun in case you go outside.

Practice Dental Hygiene

Being clean goes deeper than the act of washing your body, combing your hair, or pampering your skin. It extends to brushing your teeth as some people find it unappealing when you have food or plaque stuck between your teeth and gum.

Often the residue leads to bad breath.

For the best dental practices, you should adhere to the following rules.

Use the Right Brushing Technique

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to brush your teeth. The healthy way recommends:

  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Brushing at a 45-degree angle from your gum line
  • Cleaning the outside and inner parts of your teeth
  • Gently brushing your gums and teeth

Brush Long Enough

If you brush your teeth in under a minute, your chances of effective cleaning are small. So instead, spend at least three minutes on every brushing session to get the best results.

Floss Correctly

The proper floss technique follows a sequence similar to brushing that includes:

  • Using 18 inches of dental floss
  • Holding the floss centrally and leaving 1-inch spaces on either side
  • Placing the floss between your thumb and index finger while sliding into a teeth gap
  • Flossing under the gumline

Replace Your Toothbrush

As a rule, your toothbrush shouldn’t last beyond the third month once you begin using it. If you have a challenge remembering, buy an electric with a color reminder attached to the bristles.

Use a Tongue Scrapper

Among the dirtiest areas of your mouth is the tongue, as active bacteria tend to hang around there. A tongue scraper is effective when removing debris stuck on your tongue than an ordinary toothbrush can manage.

As you do all the above, don’t forget to schedule dental checkups even when your teeth seem more than okay. Then, twice a year, visits to the dentist will do.

Alternatively, find you need additional dental services or procedures more than twice a year to correct dental issues such as misaligned teeth. Visiting an orthodontist can help you correct your teeth and significantly improve your smile and confidence. Don’t just wait until your bi-annual check-up, seek out treatment options to ensure your dental health is in the best condition possible.

Improve Your Dress Code

Regardless of what you hear, people will judge you by what you wear, whether at work or during your downtime. It is therefore essential that you send the right message through your dressing.

When you wear wrinkled and old clothes, it simply tells of your poor grooming habits and lack of a sense of style. However, proper dressing involves so much more than picking matching shoes and attires.

To pull off the right look, you must have the following in mind.

Dress for the Occasion

Think about the setting you’ll be attending and try to copy what others wear to such functions. For example, if it’s at work, look at what some of your bosses wear and borrow a leaf without copying the entire look. 

The same applies to other settings.

Buy Custom Fitting Attire

The right clothes should contour and complement your body while also highlighting your prominent features. Custom-fit attires come ready to wear and require no additional repair.

Grooming Tips for Men

Although grooming and men are two things that don’t see eye to eye, evolution forces a re-think on the matter. If you want to look good and feel even better about yourself, personal grooming should be an endeavor you pursue relentlessly in your lifetime.

The above tips will help maintain a great look without feeling like you’re doing too much like a modern man.

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