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easy summer DIY projects

Looking for some DIY projects to make your outdoor spaces a bit nicer this summer? Look no farther, here are some ideas that anyone with a little bit of technical ability and access to Home Depot can start today.

Turn Those Bottles Into Planters

Whether you want to grab bottles that you already have or want to start this project by drinking, that's up to you. Once you have a collection of empty bottles, you'll want to either saw off the top or use one of the "fire string" methods to break the top off and sand it down so there are no rough edges. Now you can use these bottles to plant your favorite flowering plants or even cactuses. 

We think exotic bottles of either Mexican sodas or craft beer bottles take this project to the next level and make for an interesting conversation starter.

Diy Log Lounger 

This summer you will be in your garden soaking up the rays, right? So why bother investing in a cheap easily broken sun lounger? Instead, start your DIY project early and build a log lounger made from local parts that will last far longer than any you can buy. It can also be repaired. 

For this project you will need logs. You can get them from your local area or buy them from a reclaimed wood workshop. Cut the logs into 18 inch pieces and line them up upright in an S-shape. Screw them together and use brackets to secure them. 


A Wood And Wool Bench 

OK so it's summer but that doesn't mean you can't make a bench and use some wool to cover it. The wool actually makes it softer to sit on which is more comfortable in the warmer months. Then it makes it warmer to sit on in winter. A wood and wool bench is a really easy DIY project. 

What you need is a long piece of board wood that you can buy off Craigslist. You will also need a best benchtop jointer or other table saw to shave off the ends. Trim and varnish the piece of wood the screw on your choice of legs. A wool sleeve can be made for the bench if you or someone you know likes knitting. 


Diy House Number 

We all hope the pandemic is coming to an end this summer, but even if it doesn't we will still have many many things delivered to our house: takeaways, online deliveries, local services  why not use your store time to make a modern and visible house number for your front door, DIY style

This house number is made using four pieces of wood, each about 12 inches long. Nail them together to create a box, then cut a piece of plywood for the back and nail that on too. Next, cut a piece of turf – usually artificial – for the inside of the box. On top nail cubes of wood for your house number to sit on. 


Diy Pvc Organizer 

These days we're all living on top of each other in our homes and space is at a premium. Minimising your home can help, so too can creating more storage by utilising the space better. One good way to do this is with the DIY PVC organizer. This is a super easy project with great results. 

Get some PVC tubing. You can get it at a local hardware store, from the Internet, or on Craigslist. Cut it into the size of storage you want – 12 inches is good – then use Gorilla Glue to stick it together. You will need to clamp the tubes while the glue dries. Make this organizer any shape you like. 


Diy Lanterns

Summer is a nice time to sit out the back in the evening and enjoy some light from your lanterns. Why not make some DIY ones this year. Use a stripe of wood to make a box shape then cover the sides with glass or perspex. Inside, you can put fairy lights that give you nice clean light that's energy friendly.

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