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Cycling Is A Great Hobby But Don't Forget To Be Smart About It

cycling tips to help you stay safe

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel, especially if you want to reduce your commuting costs and support the environment, but it is also much less safe than driving a car or truck. If you are committed to cycling, you must take essential safety precautions; here’s what you need. 

Make Yourself Visible 

Even if you are cycling in summer during daylight hours, you must wear bright clothing and reflectors to make yourself visible on the road. Cyclists can be difficult to see for road users, especially when drivers are distracted for some reason - it’s a common occurrence nowadays. 

If you are cycling during winter, it’s even more important to make yourself visible on the roads. Bright clothing, reflective jackets, and lights are all essential to ensure you are visible to other road users. Flashing lights can be extra helpful in catching the attention of the drivers. 

Follow The Rules Of The Road 

Sometimes cyclists get a bad reputation with car drivers because they don’t follow the rules of the road. In many places, there are no legal requirements for cyclists to follow the rules of the road, so many don’t, but understanding and using these rules can protect cyclists and drivers. 

If you’re a cyclist, make sure you are moving on the right side of the road in the same direction as the traffic; also, remember to use hand signals to indicate when you are turning off the main road or at a junction. If you are unsure about the hand signals, you can find them in a manual.  

Wear A Helmet 

Don’t forget to wear a helmet to protect yourself on the road. Although a helmet will not prevent a road accident, it can prevent serious injuries and fatalities. A helmet might be uncomfortable to wear, but it can save your life if you are knocked off your bike by a passing vehicle or door. 

Thousands of cycling accidents happen each year because of inattention from other road users, lack of signaling from cyclists, and lack of protective gear. If you are involved in a cycling accident, contact chalik & chalik bicycle accident lawyer to pursue some compensation for it.

Understand Your Route 

If you are a cyclist and you want to avoid an accident on the road, you need to follow the advice above, but you also need o understand your route and travel a familiar route most often. Understanding your route and the traffic is one of the best ways to avoid accidents on the road. 

When you understand your route, you can predict situations better, and the weather conditions impact your overall safety less. But there is a danger. Being overly familiar with your route can lead to complacency, which can also get you into trouble and cause an accident.

Final Thoughts 

Using the road as a cyclist puts you in a vulnerable position. Bikes are much more environmentally responsible than cars but are much less formidable when getting into an accident. If you want to stay safe on the roads, make sure you are clearly visible, follow the rules, and have a lawyer. 

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