CSGO Scams Explained

CSGG scams in eSports

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched, it almost instantly became an overnight success. Players flocked to experience the multi-player first person shooter. That’s the really good news, the bad news is that so did the scammers. They saw a new market with inexperienced players.

Unfortunately, scamming happens in all walks of life, but we are not defenseless. Knowing what to look out for makes it quite easy to stay away from them.

Fake Tournament Scams

There’s something nice about being chosen and about being made to feel special. This feeling is right at the heart of this first scam. You’ll get a contact from someone saying they really like your style and how great you are. Then they’ll invite you to join their team on the next tournament.

To play in the next tournament, you’ll need to download anti-cheat software. It’s part of the regs of the new tournament. Don’t worry, they’ll send you the link and help you install it.

It’s an obvious virus attempt and one easy way of getting it installed on your computer.

If you are asked to play in a team or a tournament, you’ll never need to download a file. Just join in game, never leave the game and never download random content.


Steam Wallet Scams

Someone will send you a chat message asking to buy items from your inventory. That sounds like a good deal, as you’re going to get money for something you got for free. Then they’ll let you know that they’ll transfer payment to your Steam wallet.

It’s at this stage that we need to start asking questions, mainly because we all know that players cannot transfer Steam funds to another Steam wallet. Even gift cards are a bad idea, invariably, the scammer will ask you to send the inventory first and then just disappear without sending any gift cards.


Voting Scams

One of the more adventurous scams comes in the form of a player saying they’re in the Top 10 players in the world and need your vote to get them higher up the list, or entered into a tournament. They then send you a link to a website, but again this is just a virus download and then you’re infected.

If one of the world’s top 10 players does reach out to you to ask for a vote, there are some easy checks to do. Look and see if they actually are in the top 10, you can discover the best CSGO player and check their username against the list.

Then, once again, never click any link in any message you are sent. If the vote is a real thing, then ask the player to tell you where it is within the game. Navigate your way through the game, without ever leaving it.

There’s a general rule of thumb to avoiding a scam; if it appears too good to be true, it generally is. Don’t send inventory to anyone you don’t know and don’t click on any links in random emails.

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