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getting a hearing aid for the first time is a challenging experience to get use to

Hearing loss can be difficult for men to deal with but there's no shame in getting help. Hearing aids today are actually pretty impressive technology that is more discrete than you might imagine and when combined with the power of today's AI powered audio technology, can deliver some impressive results. Things won't be easy though when you first put them on. Here's some tips on what to expect from your first set of hearing aids.

Whether you've just received your first hearing aid, or if you're preparing to get one, you might be surprised to hear that it may take a while before you can wear hearing aids without issue. Many people around the world have the same experience that you are, so don't worry, you aren't the only one on this ship.

 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 2.5 billion people will experience hearing loss by 2050. In the US alone, there are 2.8 million people who will benefit from wearing hearing aids. And while experiences may vary, just like you, it will take time for them to get used to the idea of wearing them. So, here are a few things you can expect from your first hearing aids. 

You'll Need to Get Use To Them

You will indeed need some time to get used to your new hearing aids. Before wearing them while you're out and about, try wearing them at home or in a quiet environment. Doing this could help you get comfortable with them while you're learning more about how they work. Another idea could be having conversations with someone in your family, giving you a single voice to focus on, especially if you decide to venture into loud areas that will provide you with a bit more of a challenge. Reading a book out loud can also have a similar effect. All you need is a voice so you can focus on different sounds. 


There Might Be Background Noise 

While you are trying to find your footing with your new hearing aids, you'll find a lot more background noise than usual, especially if you haven't heard well in years. It's important to anticipate background noise, so you don't get frustrated with them. Remember that this is normal since your brain is trying to sort different noises from each other, and it will take you a while to get settled into that again. 


It's Okay to Take Breaks

Don't think you have to do everything in one sitting. It's okay to take breaks and assess how you've done so far. It also helps to gauge if you are experiencing any pain or if you need to tell your audiologist about something at your next appointment. Remember that it will take time for your brain to process all the new information that you haven't experienced in a while. Taking a break can help you recharge and give your brain a rest.


Any Issues? Speak to Your Audiologist

Most importantly, expect to speak to your audiologist about how you're doing. You'll have routine checkups while you go through this new experience with your hearing aids, and they will want to know how you're doing. Make sure to tell them if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. Also, it's worth speaking to them if you are struggling, as they can give you helpful advice to make your transition easier.

If you have any questions about hearing aids or worried about hearing loss, get in touch with your local audiologist, who will be able to give you the support you need.

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