Becoming A Man Of Culture

Here's a man of culture

Looking to grow up and be a better man by assimilating some culture? Here are some suggestions to help turn you into a modern gentleman!

While marathoning James Bond movies once a year and going out to your local beer festival might be a good time, there comes a moment for a lot of men when they decide they want to broaden their horizons and deepen their thinking. Whether it’s because you’re actually a little sick of your interests as they are, because you want to keep developed, growing and maturing, or even because you want to become a more attractive partner, here are a few ways to add a little more culture to your life.


Start watching better movies

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying blockbusters, pulpy fun, or even downright bad movies. However, checking out your local arthouse cinema for the viewings they host of movies that aren’t brand new can always unveil some classics or interesting pieces that are worth a dip.


Try live performances

It’s not all about what’s happening behind your screens, either. There’s something very engaging about the world of live performance, and visiting your local theater can help you see if it strikes a chord with you. Whether it’s the opera, classic Shakespearean drama, or even something a little more contemporary or complex, it’s a very wide world of live entertainment out there.


Pick up a book

Reading is, by far, one of the most enriching hobbies you can get yourself into. Whether it’s on the page, the eReader, or even audiobooks, reading broadens your thinking, not just your cultural experience. You can start with the classics by finding recommendations online or even just go to your local bookshop and ask the people working there what they recommend. You’re not going to like everything you read, but anything works as a start.


Pay attention to the art world

The world of art is always moving and evolving. While going to galleries and viewings can help you engage with local pieces, following the art news can always unveil interesting new exhbiitions or ideas that you can explore. You don’t need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of art, simply having a willingness to engage and learn can help you start to see a much broader view of the world. Plus, it’s always a good date idea if you’re seeing a more cultured woman.


Get out there

Culture isn’t just what you read, see, or do. Culture is a living world with a beating heart, that’s found all across the world in every variation you can imagine. To that end, getting the opportunity to travel a little more can help you experience much more than any book, film, or piece of art. Make sure that you take the opportunity to genuinely spread your wings and explore a bit more of the world than just your own patch.


What matters most of all is that you’re able to find a way to broaden your cultural exploration that actually interests you. If you find any of the above boring, give them a try to see if your mind changes, but don’t stick with something that isn’t going it for you.

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