Adding More Space When A New House Isn't An Option

If you’re trying to prepare some extra room for a new member of the family or if you feel like you need room to serve as an office at the home or to meet any other needs, then you’re going to need to add real space to the home. Taking the minimalist approach might not be enough, you need a real room or at least an extra workspace to make sure that you can accommodate everything. Here, we’re going to look at how you can open up that additional space in the home when you can’t move into a new house.

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Knock down a wall

Perhaps you might not need as much as an entire room’s worth of space. If that’s the case, then removing a wall between a shared space, such as the wall between the hallway and the living room or the wall between the kitchen and the living room, might just do the trick. Just make sure that you’re not demolishing a wall that’s crucial for the structural integrity of the home. While the wall itself might not seem like it takes up a ton of space, you might be surprised by how much more you can use in the resulting open area.


Find an unfinished space

There could be rooms that already offer the space that you need for the home, but you’re not able to make use of them because they’re not in livable condition. To that end, you should look at loft remodeling or basement remodeling services that can ensure that you’re able to start using those rooms fully. Usually, this means making sure they’re wired up properly, protected against moisture, and furnished to provide a comfortable working or living space.


Can you add to the yard?

If you have a lot of garden space, then one of the options that you might want to consider is adding your new usable room directly to it. Creating an outbuilding for your home can take some investment, more than even expanding the home, but it can also see you ending up with a totally dedicated space. For instance, an out building can serve a lot better as a home office when it’s specifically built to be one.


Expanding your home

It can be as costly to add some space directly onto the home in the form of an extension. However, much like with an outbuilding, you have a lot more choice over how the extension meets your needs. The primary hassle that comes with expanding the home, however, is the red tape that might be in the way. You have to check if there are any restrictions on expanding your home as per local regulations and make sure that you get a permit before you start building anything.


You need to think about how much space you need to add, as well as how much you can afford to spend on the project before you make your mind up on how best to do it. The above tips should give you something to start thinking about, all the same.

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