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A Dad's Guide to Moving Day With a Small Child At Home

Parenting and moving are two things that are known for not being easy, now try to combine the two at the same time. It sounds nearly impossible, right? Well, fortunately, it can be done while still juggling everything else a parent needs to do. This doesn’t mean it’s not going to be stressful, but it definitely can be in the end, once you’re all finished with moving it’s going to be well worth it.  These are some tips for making moving and parenting just a little bit easy.  

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Avoid packing up the baby items too early

While it’s okay to pack up other items in the house that you believe won’t be needed, you’re going to want to keep out most of the items for your little one. If you start packing too early, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding something that your baby needs.  While it’s understandable that boxes are a major eyesore when packing, just try to only pack what you know for a fact won't be needed. But you still shouldn’t make this gamble with your baby’s stuff as kids are unpredictable and you never know what they’re going to randomly need.

Don’t forget to have time for yourself

You need to stay healthy and fit for your family and you can do that by having some time to yourself. Don’t make your whole schedule about moving, working, and parenting. Make sure that you create some time just for yourself. This time can be for exercising, doing stress-relieving activities, or even something as simple as binging your favorite shows. Just give yourself some needed time. You’re going to feel so much better by doing so.

Don’t be afraid to get some help

Don’t try to do everything yourself. You already have enough to worry about with your life. So why not hire some professionals who do interstate removals? They’ll take the boxes you already packed up and will move them to your desired location on the big moving day. Having a team of professionals do this for you is going to be a major stress reliever and you’re going to thank yourself for hiring them. So don’t try to stack too many responsibilities on yourself, just hire the professionals, and let them take care of the work for you. This way, you can go back to helping out your family and taking care of them.  

Take the baby out while the movers are there

It may depend on your baby, but some babies aren’t the happiest when there are new visitors at home. Other babies get upset if there are constant loud sounds. It may be best to take the baby somewhere else (such as a babysitter) while the movers are at your house.

Get a pediatrician before you move

If you’re moving to a completely new location, then you need to go ahead and secure a pediatrician for your baby before you make it to your new home. Babies get sick out of nowhere and this can be so stressful, so go ahead and get them a doctor far before anything happens.

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