We're all spending a lot more time at home right now and that means more screen time for everyone. While you are home more now, worrying about what your kids might be getting into is one more element of stress that we don't need right now. That's why I was thrilled to partner with the folks at Gryphon to offer this giveaway to you guys!

What's better than a bag of delicious beef jerky? ... A box of jerky! That's what we're giving away right now from the Craft Jerky Co ... more details below on how you can enter for a chance to win ...

Tantric sex therapist sounds like one of those titles that can't possibly be real but after you let the giggles pass, it is easy to understand just how important it can be to have a therapist for this area. We spend tons of money on failed romantic gestures, toys, books, even pills but rarely do we reach out and get help from another person. Yet sex, virility, and ultimately our romantic lives are one of the most important things that can keep a marriage together ... or drive it apart.

Times are tough right now with layer upon layer of stress piling up so we talked with Sarrah Rose, a certified sex, love, and relationships coach to learn what she's seeing in her practice and how we can improve our lives right now.

For so many men these days, the question “What makes a man a man?” is nearly impossible to answer. And not only is it impossible, it brings up frustration, anger, confusion, resentment...

We're biased - I'll admit that. The idea for #MenWhoBlog evolved nearly a decade ago when I was neck-deep in creating the practice of corporate influencer marketing. I was a pioneer, developing the infrastructure for one of the largest multi-channel retailers in America. At the time, we had literally hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing to spend and my work was an interesting side note in the marketing budgets. Since then however, the power and efficacy of influencer marketing has become diluted, corrupted, and confusing for everyone involved. This is true not just for the brands and agencies - but also for the influencers themselves. Regardless though, Influencer Marketing still matters, and as they say ... if you believe something put your money where your mouth is. That's exactly what we've done and why we've completely transformed this website.

Back in the day, it was easy enough to browse bulletin boards in your local coffee shop or student bookstore to find a tutor. Unfortunately, things have changed and frankly as disruptive as this crisis is currently, the reality is that we're seeing a complete transformation of our society where nascent technologies such as telework, telehealth, and virtually anything that we once relied on connecting to experts is now being done online. This includes tutors and homework help too. 

Ok, so road trips are off the radar for the next few months but that doesn't mean that you can't still do some fun car stuff at home. INFINITI, drawing from its Japanese heritage and dramatic designs, is releasing a collection of INFINITI “Carigami” models. As people around the world are encouraged to stay home in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, INFINITI customers, fans and families are encouraged to discover their artistic sides, as part of the Park It For Now (#ParkitforNow) campaign.

Grab a front row seat and start your virtual vacation now. Explore Fairbanks is showcasing five brand new virtual experiences including an exhilarating dog sled ride through a snowy pristine forest, a float down the Chena River on that perfect summer day and a panoramic mountain scene from nearby Murphy Dome. In addition, you can virtually experience the midnight sun, the northern lights and other extraordinary views of the Fairbanks region.

I'm sure a lot of you are adjusting to the new normal and that includes stresses on personal and work relationships as well as family. This is especially true since while homeschooling was once a luxury practiced by a select few people, it is now standard procedure for millions of Americans. Unlike those who were able to ease into the transition, for many dads across the country it came as a sudden surprise. As schools continue to remain closed throughout the country due to coronavirus, more and more parents are finding themselves with an unexpected and challenging new job title: Teacher.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out the new myCharge Hub Turbo during a few trips before the world shut down. As someone who travels a lot, I've gone thought a ton of different power banks of all different shapes, sizes, and capacities. I have tiny pocket-sized power banks and I have giant 200+ mha units used for camping to power radios and other emergency gear. However, for the most part they all share the same weakness. No matter how small, they all require you to have cords and an external charger to recharge the battery and your devices too. That's what I love about the myCharge Turbo Hub and while I'm excited to give one away for one of you lucky guys!

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