Summerstage NYC Central Park free concertsSummerstage puts on free concerts in New York City’s Central Park.There are two free concerts taking place this weekend, Sept.11 and 12, in New York City’s Central Park.And there is a third show on Monday featuring Machine Gun Kelly.That show is a ticketed event.The concerts are put on by Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage.Below are the details.Proof of full vaccination is required for entry with masks required upon entry and encouraged for the duration of the performances....

Write a comment Unfinished ManIt seems like every month we hear the news of a car being discontinued. The reasons given for this is “because consumers want SUV/CUVs”. One of the recent casualties is the Mazda6 sedan, a car I’m quite fond of, I’ve reviewed on quite a few occasions and I even own one. Life is hard for sedans, and even harder for sports cars, with an ever-decreasing number of choices since the heydays of the 90’s. But thankfully there are some manufacturers that are catering to the needs of a certain group of customers that not only want cars but sports car. Although Mazda doesn’t produce as many sports cars as it used to, like the RX7/RX8, MX6, and even the MX-3, they do still produce the fan favorite MX-5 (Miata). What makes the Mazda MX-5 even more interesting is the fact that not only is it a sports car, it’s

Write a comment Unfinished ManWhile many people aspire to learn musical instruments and want to excel in the art in the future, learning how to read sheet music comes as one of the biggest challenges to them. By learning how to read music sheets you will achieve the ability to read and write your own music intonation. This will help you to create your own music. With the digital tools available, it is now not such a difficult feat to achieve. If you think that you would like to embark on this journey of greatness, then the below guide will help you to read music sheets the right way.  Learn The Basics When it comes to cracking the codes and terms of music sheets and notes, it is only going to be hard if you do not brush up on the basics properly. Digital sheets that can be downloaded at can help

Write a comment Car troubles are a nightmare for most people. For some, even the prospect of dealing with car trouble is enough to make them nervous about driving at all. But what if you’re planning a long trip? The last thing you want is your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere just because it wasn’t well maintained! That’s why we put together this blog post – to give you tips and tricks on how to be sure your car is ready for the long ride you have planned. Let’s get to the details.

Check The Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is perhaps the most important thing to consider when preparing your car for a long trip. It doesn’t take much time at all, either – you can easily do it right before


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