Write a comment Unfinished ManUntil recently, it was considered taboo to pay someone to be your companion for a few hours or days. But times have certainly changed. People are increasingly lonely, especially amidst this pandemic. They lack more than just sex. They lack genuine talk, hand-holding, sharing a meal with someone. Hiring escorts is the perfect solution for so many lonely (and horny) gentlemen who either don’t have the time to focus on a real relationship or simply haven’t been lucky enough to find someone who understands them. If you’re contemplating hiring London Escort services, you should be prepared for it. Yes, it can be as simple as seeking a girl you like and calling her, but there are certain factors you should consider. Will you be hiring an independent escort or an agency escort? Does she have a legit profile with reviews and ratings? Where will you find a professional, experienced

Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry.Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry is performing at Graceland on Saturday, July 3.Photo:Bill Cherry Facebook An Elvis tribute band, “hidden” tours of the mansion and a fireworks display set to music of the King, are all part of the Fourth of July celebration taking place – in person – this year at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.The kick-off event takes place on Saturday, July 3 at the Soundstage at Graceland with an Elvis Tribute Concert starring the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry.Joined by the EAS band and back-up singers, fans will feel the power of Elvis on stage – from the karate kicks to the king-sized vocals – and will be immersed into the glitz and glamor of Elvis’ incredible stage performances from the 70s.Graceland shines at night.Here is a rundown of all the events and ticket information.Saturday, July 3 PRE-SHOW COCKTAIL HOUR 6pm – Lightning Lounge at Elvis Presley’s Memphis VIP and Deluxe Package Holders Only Prior to the show, meet up with friends for a complimentary drink and appetizers in the all-new Lightning Lounge, located directly next door to The Soundstage at Graceland....

Write a comment Unfinished ManYou’ve heard of terms like “male breasts,” “man boobs,” and “moobs.” You might not have heard the medical term for this problem: gynecomastia. This common condition results in enlarged or swollen breast glands in men. There is nothing alarming about the condition. It’s not dangerous, and it doesn’t come with any serious medical complications. Sometimes, the condition isn’t even permanent. It goes away on its own. The only consequence of this condition is emotional. Men with gynecomastia can feel embarrassed about this area of their body and want to hide it from others. If you’re one of the many men living with gynecomastia, take a look at what you should and shouldn’t do about it. What You Should Do Do Chest Exercises: Adding chest exercises to your regular workout routine could change the look of your gynecomastia. With these exercises, you could strengthen your pectoral muscles and reduce some

Wine Grasp wine glass holderPubClubette Kristina relaxes with the Wine Grasp wine glass holder.Photo:PubClub.com By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com Lifestyle Editor Moms are special and for Mother’s Day you want to get here something special.Here is PubClub.com’s Mother’s Day gift guide with great presents she will not only love but will use.Wine Grasp Wine Glass Holder PubClubette Kristina is able to have her dog in her lap and have a glass of wine with the Wine Grasp at the PubClub.com World Headquarters employee lounge.Photo:PubClub.com This gift is guaranteed to please mom. Even better is that they come in a set of two so you can keep one for yourself....

Write a comment Unfinished ManReceiving word that your mom or dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s could be the news you’ve been dreading. Perhaps your parent has been forgetful lately or easily confused during conversations. While you’ve had your suspicions about their health, it doesn’t make hearing the official diagnosis any easier to hear. You now know that your loved one has a disease that will progress with time. Life will be different from now on. Daily routines will change, but that doesn’t mean things have to be darker. There will be challenging moments, but your parent will receive the assistance they need to feel happy and healthy with the right healthcare plan. Are you bringing your mom or dad into your home? These days most seniors prefer to age within the comfort of home. If you’re capable and have the space, taking in a parent is an excellent idea. Check out these


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