Jasmine Thai RiceJasmine Thai rice is a long-grained rice grown primarily in Thailand.Photo:Wikipedia If you are getting bored with always serving the same white rice as a side dish with your meals, then it’s time to step out of the box.Or the package.While white rice is by far the most commonly found product, there are many kinds of rice on the market.For instance, try Thai jasmine white rice to literally spice up your homemade dinners.This different style of the grain will provide you with a tasty alternative while keeping the creativity in your meals.After all, if you cook at home a lot, it quickly becomes a drag to come up with something exciting and different to fix each day....

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iPhone running iOS 14

Fall has only just arrived. Soon, however, the clocks will be going back. Then the cold season will really begin. For most people, that means spending more time indoors. Realistically, that means spending more time on the Internet. With that in mind, here are seven tips for getting the best from your home technology.

Consider adding some ethernet cabling

If you work from home (or if you’re a serious gamer), then you might want to invest in some old-fashioned ethernet cabling. For all WiFi has improved over the years, ethernet still has the edge on speed, reliability, and security. Adding ethernet cabling to your home may increase its attractiveness to potential buyers. After all, everybody relies on the Internet these days.

Upgrade your router

Brewery Gultch Inn comped foodThis treat aways guests at the Brewery Gultch Inn located in Mendocino County, CA.At the Brewery Gulch Inn in Mendocino County, CA, you get much more than a mint on your pillow.You get a daily breakfast and an evening Wine Hour.Not only that but you get a “gourmet treasure chest.” And it’s complimentary to all guests.Let’s start with the Wine Hour (or, if you prefer, make it a beer hour!).Local beers and wines are available along with a “Mendo” Box of every-changing appetizers.Each person gets to take a box of food from a cart to enjoy with local craft beers or wines. The owner’s own wine label, Fathers + Daughters Cellars wines, is often poured....

Write a comment Buffalo Straight Six Jeans Like many of you, I’ve been working from home for the past 18 months now, so I haven’t really had to get dressed up, instead lounging around the house in my PJs or sweatpants, throwing on the occasional nice shirt if I had to attend a Zoom call with a client. I’m sure many of you guys are nodding your head in agreement, as we’ve all been guilty of this. But life is slowly getting back to normal, and work travel is starting to ramp up for me finally. Ironically, when I went to pack for a recent trip to Dallas, I discovered that I had put on some extra weight during quarantine (it’s not my fault, gyms were closed), and my clothes were a little tight on me. Looks like it was time to


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