Union Station Los AngelesUnion Station is years removed from its glory days.Photo:PubClub.com By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com Travel Editor In its full glory, Union Station was an art deco gem of Los Angeles.It was THE transportation hub of the city, the scene of many movies depicting the time periods in the 1920s 30s and 40s and even hosted Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve party.One could easily picture the scene and the conversations that took place during its prime and envision it as a welcoming center to L.A.But, like a fading starlet who has not had a hit movie in several decades or an aging rock band that is now playing local festivals instead of big concerts, it has lost its luster.Union Station is now an unofficial homeless shelter with faded tiles, a dimly-lit hallway to the trains and unsightly bathrooms.Even security guards have said in several LA Times articles that they don’t feel safe there anymore....

cute pitbull puppy big eyesThere is a lot of sensationalism depicting pitbulls as a terrifying breed. Recently, a movement of pitbull lovers began fighting this negative stereotype and revealing the kinder side of pitbull breeds. Many individuals have had a completely pleasant experience with pitbull dogs. They have seen a gentler side of them.  Many families raise their pitbulls around babies and small children and never experience an issue. Others have said that pitbulls are the most aggressive dogs to exist. Although these dogs were once bred for sports and fighting, it appears that they are not as dangerous as people claim for the following reasons. For questions about pitbull attacks, contact a dog bite lawyer. They’re not a Recognized Breed A lot of dogs are mutts, which means that they may have pitbull DNA and the owner doesn’t recognize it. Pitbulls are mainly characterized by their square-shaped head and muscular body. However,

Tiki Oasis San Diego PubClub LIVE!With PubClub LIVE!, co-host Soul Cole at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, CA.Photo:PubClub.com By The Kevbeaux, PubClub.com Nightlife Blogger Tiki Oasis, the first and largest tiki festival in the U.S., is certainly an appropriately-named event.This is because it really is an oasis and it’s certainly a full tiki experience.I attended my first Tiki Oasis in 2022 on a Saturday along with my PubClub LIVE!, co-host Soul Cole.As we strolled through the area I could not help but notice how many bars there were at the event.This immediately told me something about it – it’s a party.Everyone was dressed in some type of tiki wear;...


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