Write a comment https://pixabay.com/photos/laptop-computer-browser-research-2562325/ Startups are never easy. If they were, every hair-brained idea about making jetpacks from lemonade bottles or building castles from used pizza boxes would be up and running (and turning a very tidy profit). But they’re not. Jet packs need scientists, not lemons, and castles need drawbridges and moats and a mountain of rock. And don’t forget a flag. Business is hard work.  If you are yet to adopt cloud accounting software, you could inadvertently be making things even more difficult for yourself. How so? Let’s find out.  Accounting on the move Your accounts need to be in order. There’s no denying that accounts are important and that they take time, but for some reason, they are often

PubClubBy Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com Nightlife Blogger Wouldn’t you know it.Just as English pubs are allowed to re-open and serve customers indoors again, there may be a shortage of beer.For one, the beer companies are struggling to find delivery drivers.Add to this a worldwide shortage of aluminum and the brewers can’t get their brews to thirsty customers.And thirsty they will be after being denied to go to their neighborhood pub as industry experts predicting that punters across the country will be consuming a whopping 92 pints a second.That’s a lot of beer and one can only imagine the reaction of pubbbers go to the pubs only to face empty taps and empty beer glasses.This is not the scenario they are expecting to face after being locked out of the pubs and locked up at home time and time again for the past year-plus due to the coronavirus pandemic.Not only that but due to the aluminum situation, the brewers are focusing more on putting beer into kegs rather than in cans....

Write a comment Taking photos Are you searching for the best image search site to identify the original source of a particular image? If so, then you’ve landed in the right post today! Here, we’ll introduce you to the tools and the basics of conducting reverse image search in a click!  The reverse image search technique is an image finding query network that includes three diverse search inputs. One – search by image. Two – the use of keywords. Three – the image URLs. The image search technology and tools own many benefits. Still, the most basic use of this research technique is verifying the source of a particular image. For instance, if you see a photo while surfing the web and want to use it in your content, you must first find out about the

Neighborhood bar San Diego Gaslamp barsNeighborhood is a nice addition to the Gaslamp/East Village nightlife bar scene.Photo:PubClub.com By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com San Diego Nightlife Blogger The San Diego Gaslamp Quarter – or really the East Village to those who know the difference– has a new neighborhood bar and it’s called, well, Neighborhood.It is everything I expected it to be when I first saw its old-school neon sign hanging on the corner of G Street and 8th Ave.My initial impression from seeing that sign was that it was he kind of place I have seen in old movies and TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s in which dads would go into to have a drink after work.I envisioned that it would be dark, cozy and quiet with drinkers seated around a partially-circular bar having sophisticated drinks.But with a modern, hipster twist.And that is exactly what I found at Neighborhood....

Write a comment Unfinished ManIf you’re one of our British readers, you probably watched the last episode of season 6 of the procedural police drama “Line of Duty” last weekend. There’s a good chance that many of our American readers watched the show, too. Great British shows have a tendency of crossing the Atlantic, and “Line of Duty” is among the best shows that the Brits have come up with in decades. It had a strong claim on being the best cop show ever made in the UK for five seasons and six episodes. Then that last episode happened – perhaps the last episode of the show that the BBC will ever make, based on how it attempted to wrap up multiple storylines – and that hard-earned reputation for quality shattered in an instant. From this point on, we’ll be going deep into spoiler territory. If you intend to watch the final episode


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