2022 Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition Yes, I know what you guys are thinking. Another Ford GT special edition? Weren’t they only going to build 500 cars initially? And you’re not wrong, what started out as a small production run of 500 vehicles over two years has turned into a much longer affair, with a total of 1,350 Ford GTs to be built by the time production ends this year. As a tribute to Alan Mann Racing’s 1966 Ford GT lightweight experimental prototypes, Ford is introducing the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition, a limited-edition run that celebrates the role the prototypes played in the history of the development of the Ford GT. “Whether it’s going like hell at the racetrack or out-innovating the competition, the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition honors

Person Holding Android Smartphone Is there any company today that doesn’t have access to mobile technology and an app? You might say no to that given the times we’re living in, and yet here we are still seeing businesses that do not have a dedicated app for their company. It’s a little behind the times on their part, especially as so many companies are now adapting to cloud computing in a big way.  Every single business that used to be only found in the Yellow Pages on the high street has an obligation to move online and become accessible via the internet. We are heading more and more towards a world that is based in a digital sphere and a part of that includes mobile access. Without the right custom app development, your business

Man working out Taking care of your own mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. We all know how important the latter is for a productive, longer life, and it is the same with the former. However, although we will at least understand the basics of keeping physically fit and healthy, it is harder to understand how to protect our mental health. This is possibly because it can’t be seen, only felt, and because there is still such a stigma over admitting when we are mentally unwell.  Because it’s such an important aspect of our lives, it’s crucial that we can look after our mental health in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to do it naturally and healthily. 


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