nightclub crowdTips for Throwing a Party in a Nightclub Do you and your friends love to dance the night away and enjoy a drink?If you are planning the next special occasion, you can throw a party in a nightclub.This is something that not a lot of people think about, which means that you can make it unforgettable.Throwing a party in a nightclub is something that is going to be a hit with all of your friends.But, if you have never planned a party before, you need to know that it is going to take a lot of time and it can be difficult.There are three key things to remember:you must make sure that you invite everyone in advance;you will want to speak to the management at the club before you arrange your party;...

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Winter Olympics rings international crowdThe Olympic rings are a big craw for people at the Games when people are allowed at the Olympics By Kevin Wilkerson, Sports Editor I love the Olympics.But not this year.I just can’t get into it.One reason is that the host country doesn’t even want the Games to take place and if they are not really even wanting them then how do they expect anyone else to be excited?Another factor is that there will be no fans at any of the events (any spectators you will see are VIPs and who cares about them, right!?).A big – make that a huge – part of the Games are all the cheering people.Olympic fans are the best in the word, for they cheer great performances no matter the country of the athlete....

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Boomtown Brewery DTLA tap roomBoomtown Brewery in DTLA is a showcase and hangout for many local LA artists.A new weekly Arts District evening night market has launched in downtown Los Angeles that combines craft beers with vegan food.Summer Nights LA Arts District features craft beer, vegan food and eco-friendly commerce. It takes place every Wednesday at Boomtown Brewery in DTLA from 5-9 p.m. It is free to attend.Boomtown Brewery is DTLA’s expansive, premium craft brewery, taproom, patio and event space. Vegan Playground is the go-to weekly night market of the LA Arts District, uniting lovers of food, music, merchandise, games and – of course – good times.Food vendors include: All Vegan Franks; Auraganic Juicery; Cena Vegan; Chloe’s Confectionery; Devi’s Donuts; Honey Greens Juice Bar; Original Herbivore; MANEATINGPLANT;Megaflora Treats; Srey Vegan; Vegan Hooligans; Veggie Fam; Veggietize Me; Wholesome Zen; Xonxitas; Yogi Chef;and Veron....

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Write a comment It’s safe to say that ice hockey is a unique sport, which is why it has many fans from different parts of the world. This team sport can be played indoors or outdoors, but most matches are played indoors since they require a lot of ice. The two teams that play against each other use their sticks and have to score a goal using a special rubber puck. Needless to say, ice hockey is one of the most fast-paced sports in the world, and it is also physically demanding because players have to use their skates while playing. There are many countries where ice hockey has many fans, so let’s check which states have the best international hockey team. Canada The

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Italy wins EURO 200 Little Italy San Diego celebrationThe party begins the minute Italy wins outside a restaurant/bar in San Diego’s Little By Kevin Wilkerson, There was dancing in the street and dancing in the plaza.Italian flags, which seemingly appeared out of nowhere, were waved in the air.A band played, car horns honked and shouts of “Italia!, Italia,” rose above it all.Italians celebrated Italy’s shootout victory over England to win the EURO 2020 soccer championship (held in 2021) with an impromptu block party in San Diego’s Little Italy.Ironically, the centerpiece of activity took place just outside an English pub.It was Italy’s second European Championship, the other one coming back in 1968....

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